WAS wichtiges, Volume 9

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Contains papers, by members of the Wicht Club, reprinted and extracted from various periodicals.

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Page 22 - Disregarding the over-beliefs, and confining ourselves to what is common and generic, we have in the fact that the conscious person is continuous with a wider self through which saving experiences come, 1 a positive content of religious experience which, it seems to me, is literally and objectively true as far as it goes.
Page 5 - The world experienced (otherwise called the 'field of consciousness') comes at all times with our body as its centre, centre of vision, centre of action, centre of interest. Where the body is is 'here'; when the body acts is 'now'; what the body touches is 'this'; all other things are 'there' and 'then
Page 5 - Sustaining, persevering, striving, paying with effort as we go, hanging on, and finally achieving our intention — this is action, this is effectuation in the only shape in which, by a pure experiencephilosophy, the whereabouts of it anywhere can be discussed. Here is creation in its first intention, here is causality at work.
Page 614 - Complete Works of Count Rumford. 4 vols., $5.00 each. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, with Notices of his Daughter.
Page 15 - The postulate is that the only things that shall be debatable among philosophers shall be things definable in terms drawn from experience.
Page 327 - The treating of a name as excluding from the fact named what the name's definition fails positively to include, is what I call 'vicious intellectualism.
Page 14 - Peirce's principle by saying that the effective meaning of any philosophic proposition can always be brought down to some particular consequence, in our future practical experience, whether active or passive; the point lying rather in the fact that the experience must be particular, than in the fact that it must be active.
Page 79 - I am called, to bear witness to the Truth. My life, my fortunes, are of little moment; the results of my life are of infinite moment. I am a Priest of Truth; I am in her pay; I have bound myself to do all things, to venture all things, to suffer all things for her.
Page 81 - I will indulge in my sacred fury ; I will triumph over mankind by the honest confession, that I have stolen the golden vases of the Egyptians to build up a tabernacle for my God, far from the confines of Egypt.
Page 171 - Both represent important frontiers of research, although clearly they are by no means the only, or even the most important ones.

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