California Missions and Landmarks: El Camino Real

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The author, 1915 - California - 280 pages

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Page 256 - Monday 24th this day some kind of mettle was found in the tail race that looks like goald first discovered by James Martial, the Boss of the Mill.
Page 275 - They are a voice of the Past, Of an age that is fading fast, Of a power austere and grand; When the flag of Spain unfurled Its folds o'er this western world, And the Priest was lord of the land. The chapel that once looked down On the little seaport town Has crumbled into the dust And on oaken beams below The bells swing to and fro, And are green with mould and rust. "Is then, the old faith dead...
Page 18 - Know that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise ; and it was peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they lived in the fashion of Amazons. They were of strong and hardy bodies, of ardent courage and great force. Their island was the strongest in all the world, with its steep cliffs and rocky shores. Their arms were all of gold, and so was the harness of the wild beasts which they tamed to ride ; for...
Page 194 - California it is without a rival. It has been erected out of the slender proceeds of town lots, the labor of the convicts, taxes on liquor shops, and fines on gamblers. The scheme was regarded with incredulity by many; but the building is finished, and the citizens have assembled in it, and christened it after my name, which will now go down to posterity with the odor of gamblers, convicts, and tipplers.
Page 223 - The only object of human industry which presented itself, was a square area, whose sides were about two hundred yards in length, enclosed by a mud wall, and resembling a pound for cattle. Above this wall the thatched roofs of their low small houses just made their appearance.
Page 244 - The following testimony conveyed to the Los Angeles Express from the artist of the flag, we now produce as possibly the best that can be found : — "Los ANGELES, January 11, 1878. "Your letter of the 9th inst. came duly to hand, and in answer I have to say in regard to the making of the original Bear flag of California, at Sonoma, in 1846, that when the Americans, who had taken up arms against the Spanish regime, had determined what kind of a flag should be adopted, the following persons performed...
Page 71 - Night after night, sounds of wailing came from the adobe homes of the Indians. When Tuesday (May 12) came, many of them went to the little adobe chapel to pray, and then gathered for the last time...
Page 194 - It is built of a white stone, quarried from a neighboring hill, and which easily takes the shape you desire. The lower apartments are for schools ; the hall over them — seventy feet by thirty — is for public assemblies. The front is ornamented with a portico, which you enter from the hall. It is not an edifice that would attract any attention among public buildings in the United States ; but in California it is without a rival.
Page 245 - The other persons engaged with me got the materials together, while I acted as artist. The forms of the bear and star and the letters were first lined out with pen and ink by myself, and the two forms were filled in with the red paint, but the letters with ink. The flag mentioned by Mr. Hittell with the bear rampant, was made, as I always understood, at Santa Barbara, and was painted black. Allow me to say that at that time there was not a wheelwright shop in California.
Page 223 - It is about fourteen feet high, and five feet in breadth, and was first formed by uprights and horizontal rafters of large timber, between which dried sods and moistened earth were pressed as close and as hard as possible; after which the whole was cased with the earth made into a sort of mud plaster, which gave it the appearance of durability...

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