Transactions of the Philological Society

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Society, 1869 - Philology
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Page 50 - This know ye well all, that we will and grant that what our councillors, all or the major part of them, who are chosen by us and by the land's people in our kingdom, have done and shall do, to the honour of God and in allegiance to us, for the good of the land, by the ordinance of the aforesaid councillors, be stedfast and permanent in all things, time without end, and we command all our lieges by the faith that they owe us, that they stedfastly hold, and swear to hold and defend the regulations...
Page 128 - FAC-SIMILES of NATIONAL MANUSCRIPTS, from WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR to QUEEN ANNE, selected under the direction of the Master of the Rolls, and Photozincographed, by Command of Her Majesty, by Colonel SIR HENRY JAMES, RE, Director of the Ordnance Survey. Price, each Part, with translations and notes, double foolscap folio, 16s.
Page 479 - Rule, they shall recommend the same to the Society, at the Annual General Meeting next ensuing, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.
Page 5 - E averunt poer del rei conseiler en bone fei del governement del reaume, et de totes choses ke al rei u al reaume pertenent. E pur amender et adrescer totes les choses ke il verrunt ke facent a adrescer et amender. E su le haute justice, et sur totes autres genz. E si il ne poent tuz estre, ceo ke la greinure partie fra, serra ferm et estable.
Page 391 - L'en puet fere et defere, Ceo fait-il trop sovent; It nis nouther wel ne faire; Therfore Engelond is shent. Nostre prince de Engletere, Par le consail de sa gent^ At Westminster after the feire Made a gret parlement. La chartre fet de eyre, Jeo 1'eriteink et bien le crey, It was holde to neih the fire^ And is molten al awey.
Page 41 - Witness ourselves at London, the eighteenth day in the month of October, in the two and fortieth year of our crowning. And this was done in the presence of our sworn counsellors, Boniface, Archbishop of Canterbury; Walter of Cantelow, Bishop of Worcester; Simon of Montfort, earl of Leicester...
Page 474 - THE COUNCIL. The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, and ordinary Members of the Council, shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. Four of the ordinary Members of the Council shall not be reeligible in the same capacity for the ensuing year, and the Council shall determine which of their Members shall be thus incapacitated, regard being had to the number of times they have attended the meetings of the Council.
Page 20 - ... tutte genz [5] dreit fefant et p'nant. et ke nul ne preigne de t're ne de moeble par quei cefte purueance puifle eftre defturbee v empiree en nule manere. et fe nul v nus viegnent encunt' cefte chose [6] nuf uolons et comandons ke tuz nof feaus et leaus le teignent a enemi mortel.
Page 477 - The Council shall call a Special General Meeting of the Society •when it seems to them necessary, or when required by any five Members so to do.
Page 92 - And if any person or persons oppose this provision, we will and enjoin that all lieges hold them as mortal enemies. Old French, et se nul v nus viegnent encunt" ceste chose nus uolons et comandons ke tuz nos feaus et leaus le teignent a enemi mortel. Or, as the oath says (supra p. 7) : E si nul fet encuntre ceo, nus le tendrums a enemi mortel. And again referring to this portion of the oath, the king of France in his award, cancelling the provisions of Oxford, says, 22nd January, 1863, (Rymer i....

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