The Essex Antiquarian: An Illustrated ... Magazine Devoted to the Biography, Genealogy, History and Antiquities of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 6

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Sidney Perley
Essex Antiquarian, 1902 - Essex County (Mass.)

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Page 79 - Oct. 6, 1775; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Roxbury Camp, Nov. 25, 1775
Page 140 - The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts. With some Related Families of adjoining towns and of York County, Maine.
Page 143 - ... felt myself so much disposed for meditation: My imagination involuntarily leaped into futurity; the absence of which was not afflicting, because it appeared to me nigh — I saw those beautiful shores ornamented with decent houses, covered with harvests and well cultivated fields. ... I consider . . . the settling of the lands, which are watered by this river, as one of the finest conquests that could ever be presented to man .... It is destined to become the source of force, riches, and the...
Page 113 - Also descriptive list of men raised to reinforce Continental Army, for the term of 6 mos., agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780, returned as received of Justin Ely, Commissioner, by Brig.
Page 165 - ... New England before. In my walk out about sunrise, every face looked ghastly, and many persons' knees smote one against another, and few were recovered of the great fright and surprise they had been put into by this awful providence ; and all seemed to expect a repetition of this terrible judgment. In fine, some of our solid and pious gentlemen had such an awe and gloom spread over their countenances, as would have checked the gay airs of the most intrepid libertine among us.
Page 78 - County for the term of nine months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, agreeable to a resolve of April 20, 1778; age 25 years; stature 5 ft.
Page 27 - Court, 28 : 10 : 1647, ordered that it shall stand ; and after paying legacies to the children, the remainder shall remain in hands of Marke Simons of Ipswich, according to the will, to be disposed of to the children, who are to choose their guardians, etc.
Page 19 - Greenoway deposed sailli, that John Bradley of Salem deceased being asked in the time of his sicknes what was his will, & perswaded to make a will, did aske why he should make his will, he had nobody to give his estate but his wife, only some of his cloths & tooles he gave to his brother in lawe william Allen.
Page 19 - Granted Mr. Samuel Appleton, by the company of freemen, as followeth Imprimis, Eight acres of Land, more or less, as it lyeth above the Mill, bounded Whipple House, the home of the Ipswich Historical Society.

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