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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Irish orphan finds a new family among slaves in Grissom's pulse-quickening debut.Lavinia is only six in 1791, when her parents die aboard ship and the captain, James Pyke, brings her to work as an indentured servant at Tall Oaks, his Virginia plantation. Pyke's illegitimate daughter Belle, chief cook (and alternate narrator with Lavinia), takes reluctant charge of the little white girl. Belle and ... Read full review

Review: The Kitchen House

Editorial Review - - Christine M

Author Kathleen Grissom brings us a gripping tale of the South during the days of slavery. The story is told from two different perspectives: Belle, the mulatto daughter of plantation owner Captain Pyke, and Lavinia, a white girl from Ireland who is sent to work in the “kitchen house” with Belle and other “nigras.” Belle, whose mother was a slave, was born on the plantation. Lavinia is an ... Read full review

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