Among Boers and Basutos: The Story of Our Life on the Frontier

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Remington & Company, 1894 - Gun War, Lesotho, 1880-1881 - 276 pages
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Page 282 - Times says :—' The Reminiscences are bright, cheery, and graphic, and may well serve to illustrate a period of naval history which has not yet had its Marryat nor even its Basil Hall. Some of the stories here told, not for the first time, certainly read like direct reminiscences of Marryat.
Page 277 - the rest of it. . . . Many scenes could be enumerated from Mr Wicks's novel which, in the essential satire of the situations and in the spirit in which they are described, would not disgrace the best English satirists. Of such are the first meeting of the subscribers to the Great Coradell (Limited), the Countess of Bolore's
Page 275 - of the MUTINY By Francis Cornwallis Maude, VC, CB, Late Colonel, Royal Artillery, And formerly commanding the Artillery of Havelock's Column. With
Page 51 - It is the very least a man can do, to recompense me a little, for all the troubles, fatigue, and anxiety, which I have gone through, in bringing up his wife for him! It makes no difference in that respect to what religion she belongs, the trouble is the same.
Page 281 - Many of the passages are as good as anything to be found in 'Vanity Fair,' and there is not the slightest exaggeration in saying that the chapter headed 'A Party of Eight' is one of the very best things in English fiction. THE
Page 281 - Dickens himself would have laughed over, and might have owned, the rollicking, extravagant humour of Mr Wicks's description of the pork-butcher, Mr Joy, in the crush at the bank and in the bosom of his family.
Page 278 - are very numerous and dramatic. His plot, which is exceedingly ingenious, involves a wide variety of urgent topics, all of which Mr Wicks treats with familiarity, shrewdness, and vivacity. The legislators, who are
Page 282 - be and man may do without transgressing a single statute either extant or possible. Reviewing the work, the author remarks that no possible preventive can be devised for nine-tenths of the wrongs done
Page 284 - cloth, 2S. 6d. ■ The Daily Telegraph says : —' The simple arrangement of bringing French and English phrases opposite each other on parallel pages tends with the classification of subjects, to speedy reference.

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