The Works of William Robertson ...: History of Scotland

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Cadell and Davies, 1817 - America

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Page 244 - Buchanan, to wait upon the duke of Norfolk, the earl of Sussex, and sir Ralph Sadler...
Page 352 - A vacancy happened soon after in the see of Glasgow, Montgomery minister at Stirling, a man vain, fickle, presumptuous, and more apt, by the blemishes in his character, to have alienated the people from an order already beloved, than to reconcile them to one which was the object of their hatred, made an infamous simoniacal bargain with Lennox, and on his recommendation was chosen archbishop.
Page 235 - The queen's adherents were alarmed, and Argyll and Huntly, whom Mary had appointed her lieutenants, the one in the south, and the other in the north of Scotland, began to assemble forces to obstruct this meeting.
Page 280 - Their ladder was made fast a second time ; but in the middle of the ascent, they met with an unforeseen difficulty. One of their companions was seized with some sudden fit, and clung, seemingly without life, to the ladder. All were at a stand. It was impossible to pass him.
Page 309 - Those very qualities, however, which now render his character less amiable, fitted him to be the instrument of Providence for advancing the reformation among a fierce people, and enabled him to face dangers and to surmount opposition, from which a person of a more gentle spirit would have been apt to shrink back.
Page 141 - ... who deemed it infamous to submit to an enemy, and cowardly to forgive him ; who considered the right of punishing those who had injured them as a privilege of their order and a mark of independence ; such slow proceedings were extremely unsatisfactory.
Page 43 - Abbies, cathedrals, churches, libraries, records, and even the sepulchres of the dead, perished in one common ruin. The storm of popular insurrection, though impetuous and irresistible, had extended only to a few counties, and soon spent its rage ; but now a deliberate and universal rapine completed the devastation of every thing venerable and magnificent which had escaped its violence.1 Mary be- In the mean time, Mary was, in no haste to re|£reforPiT tum mto Scotland.
Page 308 - Rigid and uncomplying himself, he showed no indulgence to the infirmities of others. Regardless of the distinctions of rank and character, he uttered his admonitions with an acrimony and vehemence, more apt to irritate than to reclaim.
Page 305 - it was scarce possible for them to refuse putting into her hands a person who had taken up arms against her. But as a sum of money was paid on that account, and shared between Morton and his...
Page 300 - sat on every face ; silence, as in the dead of night, reigned through all the chambers of the royal apartment ; the ladies and courtiers...

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