The New York Almanac and Yearly Record ...

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Mason Brothers., 1857 - New York (N.Y.)
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Containing, in addition to the calendar, a record of the state of the thermometer for every day in the year ... a complete diary for the year ... with a great amount of tables, and useful information generally.

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Page 195 - For the use of a hackney coach or carriage, by the hour, with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from place to place, and stopping as often as may be required, one dollar an hour.
Page 197 - ... compensation allowed and provided in this ordinance, immediately upon the carting or transportation of any article or thing ; and it may be lawful for any such public cartman or public porter to retain any article or thing so carted or transported by him, for which he is not so paid his cartage, and to convey the same, without delay, to the office of...
Page 198 - ... or at any other place, to ftnap or flourish his whip, or to be away from his cart, unless from necessity or on business, or to sit or stand about the door-steps or platforms in front of any house, store, or other building, to the annoyance of the occupants thereof. It shall not be lawful for any person who has been licensed to keep public carts, or to be a public...
Page 195 - Every ship or other vessel which shall make fast to any other ship or vessel that shall be fastened to any wharf, and being so fastened shall load, unload, or careen, shall pay the one-half of the rate of wharfage such ship or vessel would have been liable to pay, if fastened to such wharf, and there loaded, unloaded, or careened.
Page 200 - ... and on conviction thereof shall be punished pursuant to the provisions of sections 20 and 21 of an act relative to the powers of the Common Council of the city of New York, and the criminal courts of said city, passed by the Legislature of the State of New York, January 23d, 1833, or, in lieu thereof, shall forfeit and pay for the use of said city, ten dollars for each and every offense, except where a penalty is prescribed in said ordinance.
Page 225 - regulating passenger ships and vessels," which was read twice and referred.^ In December of the following session it was called up by Thomas Newton, of Virginia, who explained the necessity of its passage. It was read a third time and passed by the House.
Page 198 - ... as not to project at either end beyond the line of the side, or width, of such truck or other vehicle ; and all persons so carting or transporting any such poles, plank, timber, spars, or other things, in any other manner, shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this article.
Page 199 - ... Public porters shall be entitled to charge and receive for the carrying or conveyance of any article, any distance within half a mile, twelve...
Page 199 - ... agent, or officer of any hotel, boarding-house, vessel, steamboat, or railroad company, to solicit, receive, or convey persons, baggage, or other things to or from any such hotel, boarding-house, vessel, steamboat, or railroad company's station or depot, without being actually and duly authorized by such keeper, proprietor, officer, or agent so to do, under the penalty of twentyfive dollars for every offence.

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