The student's handbook of comparative grammar

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Page v - THE DEBATER: A Series of Complete Debates, Outlines of Debates, and Questions for Discussion ; with ample References to the best Sources of Information. By F. ROWTON. Fcp 8vo 6s THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Page 342 - Critical Opinions of the Parent Dictionary. * A work immeasurably superior to any English-Latin Dictionary now in existence.' CRITIC. ' A monument of solid scholarship and conscientious labour, this Dictionary will doubtless take the first rank among works of the kind.
Page 21 - Heraclid nobility, and so, from the middle of the fifth to the middle of the fourth...
Page 342 - A monument of solid scholarship and conscientious labour, this Dictionary will doubtless take the first rank among works of the kind.' PARTHENON. * The student of the Vulgate or Latin Fathers will find what he wants in this Dictionary as well as the classical scholar.
Page 193 - I was bearing.' In Gothic the primary forms present only one instance of the preservation of...
Page 72 - Thus we get for each point of consonantal contact four varieties : — k, kh, g, gh, t, th, d, dh, p, ph, b, bh.
Page 6 - It is a language which, though possessing voluminous and valuable works in prose and verse, has but recently become known to Europe. The Science of Language, as it is now pursued, may, indeed, be looked upon as one of the results of the establishment of British dominion in India. For British residents, Sir William Jones amongst the first, collected and brought over the stores of this ancient literature, which German philologists, with profound research and indomitable perseverance, have made subservient...
Page v - No linguist, however, appeared for centuries to carry out this idea. Little was done until the discovery and study of Sanskrit literature gave the impulse and supplied the materials for those works upon the subject which have appeared in Germany during the last thirty years. * ' Nobilissima grammaticse species.
Page vii - ... features should be made known to boys in the early part of their studies. The works hitherto published are too extensive for general use, and one in a smaller compass appeared to be wanting.
Page 10 - They are generally distinguished by a considerable softening of sounds and decay of grammatical forms. 2. The Pali, which was conveyed by banished Buddhists to Ceylon. It became, like Sanskrit, from which it differed principally in the loss of grammatical forms, a learned language. It contains theological works on the Buddhist religion as early as the fifth century AD 3.

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