The History of Methodism in Georgia and Florida: From 1785 to 1865

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J. W. Burke & Company, 1877 - Methodist Church - 530 pages

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Page 88 - Alexander the coppersmith hath done me much evil, the Lord reward him according to his works.
Page 188 - There is my house and portion fair, My treasure, and my heart are there, And my abiding home ; For me my elder brethren stay, And angels becko'n me away, And Jesus bids me come...
Page 327 - Happy, if with my latest breath I may but gasp his name ; Preach him to all, and cry in death, "Behold, behold the Lamb!
Page 254 - And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.
Page 171 - We declare that we are as much as ever convinced of the great evil of slavery: therefore no slaveholder shall be eligible to any official station in our Church hereafter, where the laws of the state in which he lives will admit of emancipation, and permit the liberated slave to enjoy freedom.
Page 352 - Whereas it is currently reported, and generally understood, that one of the Bishops of the ME Church has become connected with slavery ; and whereas it is due to this General Conference to have a proper understanding of the matter ; therefore, " Resolved, That the Committee on the Episcopacy be instructed to ascertain the facts in the case, and report the results of their investigation to...
Page 355 - WHEREAS, The Discipline of our church forbids the doing anything calculated to destroy our itinerant general superintendency ; and WHEREAS, Bishop Andrew has become connected with slavery by marriage and otherwise, and this act having drawn after it circumstances which, in the estimation of the General Conference, will greatly embarrass the exercise of his office as an itinerant general superintendent, if not in some places entirely prevent it ; therefore, "Resolved, That it is the sense of this...
Page 284 - What amounts are necessary for the superannuated preachers, and the widows and orphans of preachers, and to make up the deficiencies of those who have not obtained their regular allowance on the circuits ? 15. What has been collected on the foregoing accounts, and how has it been applied?
Page 361 - Peck) as a man with a soul in your body, warm, generous, glowing. I admire your spirit — your genius. The beauty of the bud gives promise of a luscious blossom — the early beams foretell a glorious noon. And now, sir, though my speech shocked your nerves, so badly, I trust my explanation will not ruffle a hair upon the crown of your head.

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