Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po, Volume 1

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Tinsley Brothers, 1863 - Africa, West - 303 pages

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Page 171 - Denham, p. 149. writes from Coomassie : — " This place now presents the singular spectacle of a Christian and a Mahomedan agreeing in two particulars — rejecting fetishes, and absenting themselves from human sacrifices and other abominations. The rest of the people, of whatever country they may be, when the king's horns announce anything of the kind, strive who will get there first, to enjoy the agonies of...
Page 261 - Theft is carried to such an extent that no improvement is possible at Freetown, which, as regards property, is the most communistic of communities.
Page 88 - On a narrow and sandy beach, houses of dazzling whiteness, with flat roofs, and windows without glass, are built close against a wall of black perpendicular rock, devoid of vegetation.
Page 263 - The white man," writes Mr. Robert Campbell, a mulatto, " who supposes himself respected in Africa because he is white, is grievously mistaken." I distinctly assert the reverse, and every one who Has studied the natural history of man, must have the same opinion. The same egregious nonsense was once propounded before the Ethnological Society — where with some ethnology there is no anthropology — by another "African".
Page 12 - I DO not know a spot on the globe which astonishes and delights, upon your first landing, as the island of Madeira. The voyager embarks, and is in all probability confined to his cabin, suffering under the dreadful protraction of seasickness. Perhaps he has left England in the gloomy close of the autumn, or the frigid concentration of an English winter.
Page 184 - I have travelled east, I have travelled west, north, and south, ascended mountains, dived in mines, but I never knew and never heard mention of so villanous or iniquitous a place as Sierra Leone. I know not where the Devil's Poste Restante is, but the place surely must be Sierra Leone.
Page 214 - ... the liberated Africans are far superior to the rising generation — in energy, in talents, and in honest principles.
Page 57 - When we take into consideration the mildness of the winter and the coolness of the summer, together with the remarkable equability of the temperature during . the day and night, as well as throughout the year, we may safely conclude that the climate of Madeira is the finest in the northern hemisphere.
Page 262 - Leone, I may remark that English ultra-philanthropy has granted at times almost all the wishes of the Ethiopian melodist — " I wish de legislator would set dis darkie free, Oh what a happy place den de darkie world would be ! We'd have a darkie parliament, An...
Page 12 - ... sky, a glowing sun, hills covered with vines, a deep blue sea, a picturesque and novel costume — all meet and delight the eye, just at the precise moment when to have been landed, even upon a barren island, would have been considered as a luxury.

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