First Report of the Council to the General Meeting, Held Feb. 26th, 1856: with an Appendix to the Report: A Statement of Receipts and Expenditure, the Proceedings of the General Meeting, a List of Contributions, Etc

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Page 42 - That nothing herein contained shall prevent the sale of any article in any vessel, where such vessel is not represented as containing any amount of imperial measure, or of any fixed local or customary measure heretofore in use.
Page 28 - That the use of the metric system be rendered legal, though no compulsory measures should be resorted to until they are sanctioned by the general conviction of the public. 2. That a department of weights and measures be established in connection with the board of trade.
Page 33 - Committee appointed to consider the practicability of adopting a simple and uniform System of Weights and Measures, with a view not only to the benefit of our Internal Trade, but to facilitate our Trade and Intercourse with Foreign Countries.
Page 41 - I measure), has been taken as being the ten-millionth part of the quadrant of a meridian passing through Paris ; that is to say, the ten-millionth part of the distance between the equator and the pole, measured through Paris. It is equal to 39-3707898 inches. The metre is divided into one thousand millimetres, one hundred centimetres, and ten...
Page 29 - Customs' duties ; thus familiarizing it among our merchants and manufacturers, and giving facilities to foreign traders in their dealings with this country. Its use, combined with that of our own system, in Government contracts has also been suggested.
Page 29 - In the public statistics of the country, quantities should be expressed in terms of the Metric system in juxtaposition with those of our own, as suggested by the International Statistical Congress.
Page 34 - Congress, the Prince Consort, a name ever memorable, not only in the history of this nation, but in the history of the world, used the following words : " The different weights and measures, and currencies in which different statistics are expressed, cause further difficulties and impediments. Suggestions as to their removal have been made at former meetings, and will, no doubt, be renewed.
Page 29 - ... international statistical congress. 8. In private bills before Parliament, the use of the metric system should be allowed. 9. The only weights and measures in use should be the metric and imperial, until the metric has generally been adopted. 10. The proviso in the 5th and 6th William IV., c. 63, s. 6, should be repealed. 11. The department which it is proposed to appoint should make an annual report to Parliament.
Page 7 - I. in his parliament holden at Westminster, AD 1197, it was ordained that there should be only one weight and one measure throughout the kingdom, and that the custody of the assize, or standard of weights and measures, should be committed to certain persons in every city and borough ; from whence the antient office of the king's aulnager seems to have been derived, whose duty it was, for a certain fee...

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