The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom--The Comedy Writer's Ultimate "How To" Guide

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Simon and Schuster, Nov 1, 2012 - 304 pages
Do you think you're funny?

Do you want to turn your sense of humor into a career?

If the answer is yes, then Judy Carter's "The Comedy Bible" is for you. The guru to aspiring stand-up comics provides the complete scoop on being -- and writing -- funny for money.

If you've got a sense of humor, you can learn to make a career out of comedy, says Judy Carter. Whether it's creating a killer stand-up act, writing a spec sitcom, or providing jokes for radio or one-liners for greeting cards, Carter provides step-by-step instructions in "The Comedy Bible." She helps readers first determine which genre of comedy writing or performing suits them best and then directs them in developing, refining, and selling their work.

Using the hands-on workbook format that was so effective in her bestselling first book, "Stand-Up Comedy: The Book, " Carter offers a series of day-by-day exercises that draw on her many years as a successful stand-up comic and the head of a nationally known comedy school. Also included are practical tips and advice from today's top comedy professionals -- from Bernie Brillstein to Christopher Titus to Richard Lewis. She presents the pros and cons of the various comedy fields -- stand-up, script, speech and joke writing, one-person shows, humor essays -- and shows how to tailor your material for each. She teaches how to find your "authentic" voice -- the true source of comedy. And, perhaps most important, Carter explains how to take a finished product to the next level -- making money -- by pitching it to a buyer and negotiating a contract.

Written in Carter's unique, take-no-prisoners voice, "The Comedy Bible" is practical, inspirational, and funny.


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Get this book! It is not just for comics, screenwriters, novelists, its for everyone, its for the people who need to impress others with their insight and wisdom, this book helps you to learn how to frame and structure your observations about life, so that you appear to be funny. there are no gaurantees you will be , but you can appear that way! The best way to win friends and influence people, since Dale Carnegie, or, how to give zingers to those you hate, and still seem likable. It helps you communicate all of those "truisms" you have been dying to share, and since Twitter just gave you 280 characters 136 characters more than before, if that isn't incentive enough, I do not know what is? GET THE BOOK, READ IT, WRITE JOKES, TWEET TILL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT, and or use GOOGLE PLUS, be a trendsetter, someone has to be the COOL PERSON amongst all of those GOOGLE cyber-geek-squad techies and actually try to *OTHER* social media platform. Get this book, and post all of your jokes on Google+ and you can be the COOL KID on the net! Or you can go back to Twitter and Facebook and hashtag #zingers about #Kardashians all day, and with the knowledge you learn in Judy Carter's book you just might actually be funny?  

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Love it


About This Book
PART ONEWarmupIs There Any Hope for You?
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
The Right StuffDo You Have What It Takes?
Comedy Be Afraid Be Very Afraid
The Comedy Bibles Ten Commandments
PART TWOComedy Workshop
26 Days to Killer Comedy Material
Adding CurrentEvent Material Comedy Buddy Pay
Creating CuttingEdge Premises
Topic Runs
Honing MaterialTake Two
Throwing Cut the Clunkers
Getting Ready for Your Second Performance
Advanced Standup

More Authentic Topics Comedy Buddy Day
FineTuning Your TopicsRelatable Topics
Getting It Funny 3Day Jam Session with Your Comedy Buddy
Organizing Your Set List
Honing Your Material Comedy Buddy Day
Getting Ready to Perform Comedy Buddy Day
Dress Rehearsal Comedy Buddy Day
Your Gig
Performance ReviewReworking Material
Creating Your Own OnePerson Show
19 Days to Writing Your Sitcom Spec Script
Other Comedy Fields
Carters 3Step Comedy Business Strategy
Get Good
Get Noticed
Get Paid

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