The Island Impossible

Front Cover
Little, Brown & Company, 1899 - Youth - 206 pages

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Page 206 - Defend us with thy heavenly grace, that we may continue thine for ever, and daily increase in thy Holy Spirit more and more, until we come unto thine everlasting kingdom, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Page 209 - THE WINDS, THE WOODS. AND THE WANDERER. A Fable for Children. By LILY F. WESSELHOEFT author of "'Sparrow, the Tramp,
Page 210 - A Book of Nonsense,." " Nonsense Songs, Stories," etc , '• More Nonsense Pictures," etc., '• Laughable Lyrics," etc. By EDWARD LEAR. With all the Original Illustrations, a Sketch of the Author's Life, and a Portrait.
Page 212 - Eight Cousins." Under the Lilacs. Jack and Jill. A Village Story. An Old-Fashioned Girl. Illustrated. i6mo. Each, $1.50. The above eight volumes, uniformly bound in cloth, gilt, in box, $12.00. NEW ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF LITTLE WOMEN SERIES. Crown 8vo. Each, $2.00. Little Men. With 15 full-page illustrations by Reginald B. Birch. Little Women. With 15 full-page illustrations by Alice Barber Stephens. An Old-Fashioned Girl. With 12 full-page pictures by Jessie Willcox Smith. Jo's Boys, and...
Page 212 - JIMMY'S CRUISE IN THE PINAFORE, ETC. Illustrated. i6mo. $1.00 AN OLD-FASHIONED THANKSGIVING. Illustrated. i6mo. $1.00 The above six volumes, uniformly bound in cloth, gilt, in box, $6.00. LULU'S LIBRARY. Three volumes. Each, $1.00. The set uniformly bound in cloth, gilt, in box, $3.00. NOVELS, ETC. Uniform with
Page 117 - Open the ring and take her in "And kiss her when you get her in!
Page 191 - I said—' among other things, about where we were to go to.' ' You , . .' she paused. I proceeded: ' I think the best thing for us to do will be to get out at Calais; not go on to Paris: Suppose we went to some little seaside village in Brittany for a month or so ? It must be very hot in Paris now.
Page 212 - With new Portrait of Author. i6mo. #i.-,.>. AN OLD-FASHIONED QIRL. Wit Illustrations. i6mo. $1.50. EIGHT COUSINS ; or. The Aunt-Hill. Illustrated. i6mo. $1.50. ROSE IN BLOOM. A Sequel to
Page 212 - ... volumes, uniformly bound in cloth, gilt, in box, $12.00. THE SPINNING-WHEEL SERIES. SPINNING-WHEEL STORIES. With twelve initial Illustrations.
Page 144 - ... information from them as to who they were, or what they were doing in the water.

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