The massacres in Syria

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Bradbury & Evans, 1861 - History - 188 pages

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Page 200 - We very cordially recommend Mr. Knight's volumes to the readers whom they seek. We know of no history of England so free from prejudice, so thoroughly honest and impartial, so stored with facts, fancies, and illustrations, — and therefore none so well adapted for school or college as this
Page 187 - And they shall destroy the walls of Tyrus, and break down her towers: I will also scrape her dust from her, and make her like the top of a rock. It shall be a place for the spreading of nets in the midst of the sea: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God: and it shall become a spoil to the nations.
Page 200 - ... extension of the province of history to manners and common life, and all that indicates the condition of the people, is far from new, but it has never been executed with anything like the happy ease with which it is here attempted, not overlaying the public annals, but interpenetrating them.
Page 200 - Mr. Knight's book well deserves its name : it will be emphatically popular, and it will gain its popularity by genuine merit. It is as good a book of the kind as ever was written.
Page 198 - THE FOREIGN TOUR OF MESSRS. BROWN, JONES, AND ROBINSON. What they saw and did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. By RICHARD DOYLE. A handsome 4to. volume, cloth extra, price 21s. MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE ENGLISH. By RICHARD DOYLE. With Extracts by PERCIVAL LEIGH from "Pips
Page 3 - By dint of skill and labour, they have compelled a rocky soil to become fertile. Sometimes, to avail themselves of the waters, they have made a channel for them by means of a thousand windings, on the declivities, or have arrested them in the valleys by embankments. At other times they have propped up the earth that was ready to roll down, by means of terraces and walls. Almost all the mountains being thus husbanded, present the appearance of a staircase, or of an amphitheatre, each tier of which...
Page 196 - Mr. Homer, and Professor Phillips ; in MINERALOGY, those of Mr. R. Phillips and Professor W. Turner ; in ZOOLOGY, those of Mr. Broderip, Professor Forbes, Mr. Ogilby, and Mr. Waterhouse ; in COMPARATIVE ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY, those of Mr. Day, Professor Paget, and Dr. Southwood Smith. THE CYCLOPAEDIA OF ARTS AND SCIENCES.
Page 192 - SHARPE'S HISTORY OF EGYPT, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs in AD 640. THIRD EDITION. In two volumes 8vo, price 16s. cloth. THE WORKS OF WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR. Including the Imaginary Conversations, with a New and Original Series ; Pericles and Aspasia ; Examination of Shakspeare ; Pentameron of Boccacio and Petrarca ; Hellc-nics ; Tragedies ; and Poems.
Page 194 - CONTENTS : — The Lesson of Life — Perditus Mutton, who bought a Caul— The Mayor of Hole-cum.Corner — The Romance of a Key.hole — Mr. Peppercorn "at home" — The Preacher Parrot — The Lives of Smith, Brown, Jones, and Robinson — Shakespeare at "Bankside"— The Wine Cellar, a " Morality " — Kind Cousin Tom — The Manager's Pig...
Page 189 - TIMES " SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT. In square 16mo, price Is., gilt edges, JAPANESE FRAGMENTS. BY CAPTAIN SHERARD OSBORN, RN, CB *,* This Work is illustrated with Facsimiles of Drawings purchased by the Author in the City of Yedo. Six of them have been reduced by the new patent process of the Electro Block Company, and are coloured after the originals. The Wood Engravings, twenty-two in number, are accurately traced from the Japanese drawings.

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