Dying in the Twilight of Summer

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2009 - Fiction - 356 pages
Dying in the Twilight of Summer tells a story about the fictional town of Great Pines. It is a story about lost innocence and the challenges of life in a small town. Great Pines could easily be any number of the small towns that continue to vanish in what remains of the once rugged American West. The story is told through the eyes of four young men growing up in a town that is losing its culture. The boys are unable to stop the hands of time that only seem to bring more hardships and crush their youthful dreams. Dying in the Twilight of Summer offers something to readers of all ages. The themes of friendship and ambition are entirely American, and the difficulties in coming of age and defining of one's self are timeless reflections that every free spirit has faced and typically never solved. Author Seth O'Connell gives readers a glimpse into the obscure and uncomfortable time between youthful idealism and adult realism. O'Connell's writing exposes emotional self-conflicts with straight-forward, poignant prose. The story may not change your life, but it may change the way you think.

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