Publications of the Surtees Society, Volume 111

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Surtees Society, 1905 - Great Britain
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Page xxxvi - The Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth. Anglo-Saxon Period, containing the AngloSaxon Policy, and the Institutions Arising out of Laws and Usages which Prevailed before the Conquest.
Page 123 - A View of Northumberland, with an Excursion to the Abbey of Mailross, in Scotland,
Page 90 - L'arcevesques d'Everwic, uns sages hum lettrez, Vus enveiera dous messages privez; Mes jo mui premerein, ki soi les veritez. 60 N'en ai guaires dormi quatre jorz sunt passe/, Ne mangie ne beu, si suis mult afamezj Mes, la vostre merci, gueredun m'en rendez.' E respundi li reis : ' Mar vus en duterez. Si vus veir m'avez dit, riches estes asez. 65 Est li reis d'Escoce pris? dites-mei veritez.
Page 69 - Now hear of his deeds and his great exploits : When his companions had all surrendered, He remained in the tower and seized two shields, He hung them on the battlements, he stayed there long, And threw at the Scots three sharp javelins ; With each of the javelins he has struck a man dead. When those failed him, he takes up sharp stakes And hurled them at the Scots, and confused some of them, And ever keeps shouting : " You shall all be soon vanquished.
Page 27 - Durham * (behold his messenger) Informs me by his letters he wishes to remain at peace : Neither from him nor his forces shall we have disturbance. Of which I can complain to the value of a penny. Let us go to Alnwick, if you will allow me, To William de Vesci
Page 55 - Some go to take sheep in their folds, Some go to burn the towns, I cannot tell you more ; " Never will such great destruction be heard spoken of. Then might you see peasants and Flemings who tie them. And lead them in their cords like heathen people. Women fly to the minster, each was ravished Naked without clothes, she forgets there her property. Ah, God ! why did William de Vesci not know it, Roger d'Estutevile, the others also ? The booty would have been rescued, nor would they have failed in...
Page 75 - If God give me health and I may be living, You will have me at London before fifteen days come, And I will take vengeance on all my enemies." He sends for his people, his good worthy serjeants And earls and barons, — there is not .one left out ; He entrusted Rouen to them, for they are his friends. The bishop comes back, as I told you just now ; And Richard de Luci, who never was at a loss, Has gladly asked news of the king :
Page 91 - Sire," so said the messenger, " hear me a little. Your barons of the north are good folks enough. On behalf of my lord hear me graciously. He sends you by me greeting and friendship, 2000 And my lady much more, with whom you are well acquainted. [He informs you by me there is no need of your stirring. The king of Scotland is taken and all his baronage."] ' And says king Henry :
Page 50 - E trova une fosse ele prs se nie, Enz en mi le betumei ses aneus i ublie ; James ne serrunt trovez en trestute sa vie. La femme le cunte se volt de gr neier, Quant Simn de Vahille la prist relever : *' Dame, venez-en od mei, laissiez icel ester; Issi vait de guerre, de perdre e de guaignier.
Page 81 - And five hundred knights in a band, Who all keep saying to him : " Beware of trust to cowardice. Yours is Northumberland, whether they weep or laugh." And said the king of Scotland : " We will wait for our host, And then with great vigour we shall assault the castle. Because of the heat, which is great, lords, let us dine." 1760 And he uncovers his head, very well we know it : We who compose this history do not wish to lie. Before the castle the king had stopped ; His servants bring him what he has...

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