Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference ..., Volumes 14-16

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Page 71 - Universe from their several stations, there was nothing in the Heavens above, or the earth beneath, or the waters under the earth...
Page 74 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Official Publications of the Territory and State of Indiana from 1800 to 1890.
Page 67 - Henderson, chairman of the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads of the House of Representatives, and to Hon.
Page 84 - The books are not intended, primarily, to supplement the school work. They should be "books of inspiration" rather than those of information; for "knowledge alone cannot make character." Another great object should be to create a love for books ; for " What we make children love and desire is more important than what we make them learn.
Page 22 - In science by a fiction as remarkable as any to be found in law, what has once been published, even though it be in the Russian language, is spoken of as known, and it is too often forgotten that the rediscovery in the library may be a more difficult and uncertain process than the first discovery in the laboratory'.
Page 38 - I withdraw my motion to take the sense of the meeting on the raising of the annual fee, and move that a special committee of five be appointed by the chair to consider the recommendations of the Finance Committee and report later in the meeting.
Page 84 - Let teachers have as many as they can use" is the rule in an increasing number of libraries. vni. Do you send books to schools in proportion to size of classes, . e., fifty pupils — fifty books, to be issued by teachers to pupils for home use ? Some one has truly said, "In the work of popular education through libraries, it is, after all, not the few great libraries, but the thousand smaller ones that may do most for the people.
Page 81 - There can be no manner of question that between the ages of six and sixteen a large part of \ the best literature of the world may be read, if taken up systematically in school...
Page 86 - Statutes-at-Large," and of every other government publication, not already supplied for this purpose, printed at the Government Printing Office (including the publications of all bureaus and offices of the government), excepting bills, resolutions, documents printed for the special use of committees of Congress, and circulars designed not for communicating information to the public, but for use within the several executive departments and offices of the government, to enable said department to supply...
Page 165 - That a copy of this Resolution be sent by the secretary of this Association to the Post Master General.

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