Spiritual Letters of Monsignor R. Hugh Benson to One of His Converts

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Longmans, Green, 1915 - Christian life - 146 pages
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Page 89 - Nevermore thou needest seek Me ; I am with thee everywhere ; Raise the stone, and thou shalt find Me ; cleave the wood, and I am there.
Page 142 - Really, solitude is one of the greatest things in the world. ' In solitude Christ speaks to the heart, as a modest lover, who embraces not His beloved before all the world.' The lover of Jesus 'sits apart from the noise, but glorying in Christ.
Page 129 - God bless you always, and show you His Will plainly. I know you will send me a line to-night or to-morrow. You will be in my thoughts all day. Again, God bless you ! " (In this connection a sentence of Monsignor Benson's in a sermon preached, years ago, on Good Friday, at the Carmelite Church, Kensington, may be recalled. " We are all Failures — and the best of us are those that know it...
Page 97 - ... good while ago — that God means you to be lonely and you don't want to be. ... Don't bother about the past. We all make mistakes. . . . Thank God that you have learnt [a real lesson] instead of lamenting over the fact that you had not learnt it previously. " To sum up, then : Don't bother yourself. You have the whole of eternity, after all. This is only a rehearsal, with the Prompter continually saying, ' , you didn't do that right ! Do it again, please.
Page 82 - He desires to refine it and spiritualise it beyond all belief by this separation ? It would have been terrible if it had been spoiled. . . . Let me tell you too that pain of this kind gives one a tenderness that nothing else can possibly give. " So do use all this — as I know you are doing : and let God have His Way ! " God bless you always, and comfort you.
Page 40 - All I meant was that in a Catholic Church you must have all sorts. And Infallibility sits up there like a great Mother, every now and then saying : ' Stop ! children, that's enough ! ' — or ' John, you're too rough.'
Page 78 - We must just leave bye-products alone. We haven't time to attend to them, nor the necessary knowledge : but God has. . . . Only we may be certain that no soul is lost except by its own deliberate fault. We are wholly alone with God.
Page 144 - ... Desire for foreign travel.' Please reflect on this point, which is a platitude of platitudes, that in possessing Christ you possess the Lord and Creator of Heaven and Earth ; and that when you are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament you are in the presence of Him Who thought and loved the world into being. There is no sight or sound that you do not possess in chapel. "The thought that you would do better in another convent, you must just resist like a temptation. It is a symptom of accidil,...
Page 27 - Please do not think me argumentative. I dare say I can do nothing for you by explanations ; but I can pray, and will, that the Holy Ghost will explain Himself to you. " Do write if you wish, and can. I shall be delighted to hear and answer. But if you do not I shall quite understand : and shall only pray the more. " I pray God to bless and keep you always.
Page 88 - Don't be discouraged by what has happened. Take it as a humiliation that God has permitted to show you your weakness, and then begin all over again from the beginning. " Now another point. Please don't allow yourself to say, even to yourself, that you are uncomfortable. To do that means to make an atmosphere round you which makes things inevitably go wrong. One's tendency is always to think that one's discomforts are exactly those which are peculiarly intolerable.

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