George Calvert and Cecilius Calvert: Barons Baltimore of Baltimore

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Dodd, Mead, 1890 - Maryland - 181 pages
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Page 52 - That they cause all the Planters to build their houses in as decent and vniforme a manner as their abilities and the place will afford, & neere adioyning one to an other, and for that purpose to cause streetes to be marked out where they intend to place the towne and to oblige euery man to buyld one by an other according to that rule...
Page 143 - It is Enacted and Declared in the Name of his Highness the Lord Protector with the Consent and by the Authority of the present Generall Assembly that none who profess and Exercise the Popish Religion Commonly known by the Name of the Roman Catholick Religion can be protected in this Province...
Page 95 - Province so as they might have a General Toleration settled there by a law by which all of all sorts who professed Christianity in general might be at liberty to worship God in such manner as was most agreeable with their respective judgments and consciences without being subject to any penalties whatsoever for their so doing provided the civil peace were preserved.
Page 144 - That such as profess faith in God by Jesus Christ (though differing in judgment from the doctrine, worship or discipline publicly held forth) shall not be restrained from, but shall be protected in, the profession of the faith and exercise of their religion...
Page 144 - Counci.. and yet undetermined ; and whereas we are credibly informed, you have notwithstanding gone into his Plantation in Maryland, and countenanced some people there in opposing the Lord- Baltimore's Officers ; whereby, and with other forces from Virginia, you have much disturbed...
Page 27 - But all things, my lord, in this world pass away; statutum est; wife, children, honour, wealth, friends, and what else is dear to flesh and blood. They are but lent us till God please to call for them back again, that we may not esteem anything our own, or set our hearts upon anything but Him alone, who only remains forever.
Page 51 - Lopp" pattent continue and whether they increase or diminish, who they are of note that shew themselves most in it, and to find out as neere as they cann, what is the true reason of their disgust against it, or whether there be really any other reason but what, being well examined proceedes rather from spleene and malice then from any other cause; And to informe his Lopp exactly what they understand in any of these particulers.
Page 16 - I must either go and settle it in better order or else give it over and lose all the charges I have been at hitherto for other men to build their fortunes upon. And I had rather be esteemed a fool by some, for the hazard of one month's journey than to prove myself one certainly for six years by-past if the business be now lost for the want of a little pains and care.
Page 39 - Lord, my ships are gone ; after having been so many ways troubled by my adversaries, after they had endeavored to overthrow my business at the Council Board, after they had informed by several means some of the Lords of the Council that I intended to carry over nuns into Spain, and soldiers to serve that King, which I believe your Lordship will laugh at, as well they did, after they had gotten Mr.
Page 50 - ... accidents, he found it more necessary for their good, to stay in England some time longer, for the better establishment of his and their right, then it was fitt that the shipp should stay for him, but that by the grace of god he intends wthout...

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