The Reporter's Companion: An Adaptation of Phonography (as Developed in the 9th Ed. of the "Manual" of the System) to Verbatim Reporting

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Pitman, 1853 - Shorthand - 96 pages
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Page 95 - When the constituent parts of bodies are separated from each other, the bodies are said to be decomposed, and the act of separating them is called decomposition; on the other hand, when bodies are so intimately united as to form new and distinct substances, this chemical union is distinguished by the name of n>»bination.
Page 15 - This is the best plan while writing on a desk or table. When writing on the knee, the first finger should be introduced instead of the second, and the leaf be shifted up only about two inches. The finger should be introduced at the first pause the speaker makes or at any convenient opportunity that presents itself.
Page 95 - Nor can any limits be placed to the extent of its investigations. Its analysis is indefinite ; its termination will have been attained only when the real elements of bodies shall have been detected, and all their modifications traced : but how remote this may be from its present state we cannot judge. Nor can we, from our present knowledge, form any just conception of the stages of discovery through which it has yet to pass.
Page 97 - PHONOGRAPHIC INSTRUCTION BOOKS. The Books recommended to the Student on commencing the study of Phonetic Shorthand are the " Phonographic Teacher," " Key," " Exercises," and
Page 75 - ... had been framed in anticipation of a rupture with any Foreign Power. The next evening, the Chancellor of the Exchequer brought forward his formal proposition for appointing two Committees — one to inquire into the Army, Navy, and Ordnance expenditure, the other into the Miscellaneous Estimates, and to report to the House whether any reductions could be effected or any improvements made in the finanical arrangements of these several departments. The expenditure for the Navy, Army, and Ordnance...
Page 10 - Every publication not copying from or abridging any other, but giving original reports, keeps one of a series of reporters constantly in the gallery of the Lords, and another in the Commons. These, like sentinels, are, at stated periods, relieved by their colleagues, when they take advantage of the interval to transcribe their notes, in order to be ready again to resume the duty of note-taking, and afterwards that of transcription for the press. A succession of reporters for each establishment is...
Page 95 - The 48 others are called simple combustibles, because their union with the supporters of combustion, abovementioned, is a real combustion. Compound bodies, as has been observed, are not so numerous as might be supposed. They result, 1. from the combination of oxygen, or one of the other simple supporters of combustion, with one of the simple combustibles ; such are the acids : 2. from that of a simple body combined with oxygen, with another similar compound; such are the salts: 3. from that of two,...
Page 97 - PITICAN; a new and improved edition of "Exercises in Phonography," containing a series of progressive lessons, to be read and written by the student; intended to be used in connection with the Manual.
Page 1 - Shorthand, on account of its great and general utility, merits a much higher rank among the arts and sciences than is commonly allotted to it. Its usefulness is not confined to any particular science or profession, but is universal ; it is therefore by no means unworthy the attention and study of men of genius and erudition.
Page 99 - The Gospel Epic. A Harmony of the Gospels, Versified. By Francis Barham and Isaac Pitman. Printed in Semiphonotypy.

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