Durham Cathedral: An Address Delivered September 24, 1879

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Andrews, 1897 - 97 pages
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Page 68 - In the north side of the quire there is an almerye near to the high altar, fastened in the wall, for to lay anything in pertaining to the high altar. Likewise there is another almerye in the south side of the quire nigh the high altar, enclosed In the wall, to set the chalices, the basins and the cruets in. that they did minister withal at the high mass, with locks and keys for the said almeryes.
Page 50 - our Lady of pity," in Latin, " Mater Dolorosa," was applied to all those images of the Virgin in which she was represented with our Saviour on her knee, as he was taken from the cross — a very melancholy aspect.1 Anthony Sentleger esquyer, in 1539, desires interment in the church of Slyndon, "before tla.ej)ictr
Page 56 - In the North Alley of the said Nine Altars there is another goodly faire great glass window called Joseph's window, the which hath in it all the whole story of Joseph, most artificially wrought in pictures, in fine coloured glass, according as it is sett forth in the Bible, very good and godly to the beholders thereof" (see GG Scott's Essay on the History of English Church Architecture, p.
Page 92 - Cathedral stands unrivalled. Look at the perfect symmetry of the great arcades of choir and nave; the pillars are neither too short and broad, nor are they again too lofty and slender, but are admirably adapted to carry out the proportions of the whole. Look how the triforium and clerestory, neither dwarfed into insignificance, nor made too asserting by their importance, unite with the arcade which supports them, and form together a design of perfect and consistent excellence.
Page 89 - Within the cloister garth over against the Frater house door was a fair laver or conduit, for the monks to wash their hands and faces at, being made in form round, covered with lead, and all of marble, saving the outermost walla. Within the which walls you may walk round about the laver of marble, having many little conduits or spouts of brass...
Page 69 - Lanfranc — for well-nigh 500 years. In the ' Durham Rites ' we read how before the high altar were ' three marvellous faire silver basons hung in chaines of silver ' : these contained great wax candles, ' which did burne continually both day and night, in token that the house was always watchinge to God.
Page 71 - Lines of carved stalls encircled the singers' choir. At the end of the north aisle, near the Nine Altars, " was the goodliest fair porch, which was called the Anchorage, having a marvelous fair rood with the most exquisite pictures of Mary and John, with an altar for a monk to say daily mass, being in ancient times inhabited with an anchorite.
Page 90 - Cuthbert) on the east side of Durham, to a place called Ward-lawe, they could not with all their force remove his body from thence, which seemed to be fastened to the ground, which strange and unexpected accident wrought great admiration in the heart of the bishops...
Page 80 - ... this land, with the picture of Mary on the one side and the picture of John on the other, with two splendent and glistering Archangels, one on the one side of Mary and the other on the other side of John. So what for the fairness of the wall, the stateliness of the pictures, and the livelyhood of the painting, it was thought to be one of the goodliest monuments in that church...
Page 90 - Which strange and unexpected accident wrought great admiration in the hearts of the bishops, monks, and their associates, and ergo they fasted and prayed three days with great reverence and devotion, desiring to know by revelation what they should do with the holy body of St. Cuthbert. Which thing was granted unto them, and therein they were directed to carry him to Dunholme.

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