Augustana Library Publications, Issue 7

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Augustana College and Theological Seminary, 1910
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Page 14 - The ocean's waves and currents meet it as the tide sets in, with a counter action, or one from the sea landward; between the two the waters, as they lose their velocity, drop the detritus over the bottom. Where the river is very large and the tides feeble, the banks and reefs extend far out to sea.
Page 15 - into the offshore shallow waters, where it settles over the bottom or is distributed by currents. It is fine where the waves are gentle in movement, as in sheltered bays, or estuaries, the triturated material
Page 14 - quite across its mouth, so that there may be no egress to the river waters except by percolation through the sand; or, if a channel is left open, it may be only a shallow one.
Page 23 - But the sloping part swept by the waves below high-tide level is very evenly stratified parallel to the surface:
Page 31 - the flying sand is everywhere too great for the carrying power of the wind ; they dot the desert plain in localities where the sheet of wind has, for the most part, the mastery of the sand, but drops its burden here and there at certain points or more probably along certain
Page 168 - of the flora of Alabama, together with a systematic catalogue of the plants growing in the
Page 41 - Action of Waves and Tides on the Movement of Material on the Sea
Page 156 - Notes collected during a visit to the Forests of Holland. Germany, Switzerland, and
Page 13 - along the lowest lines and leaves ridges and islands, by which its results can be measured. The water currents have, at any one spot, but a single direction, and the furrows and mouldings of the
Page 23 - that portion of the beach that lies below mean low tide, but which may be exposed by neap

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