The Admirable Bashville; Or, Constancy Unrewarded: Being the Novel of Cashel Byron's Profession Done Into a Stage Play in Three Acts and in Blank Verse, with a Note on Modern Prizefighting

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Brentano's, 1907 - Boxing - 74 pages
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Page 58 - Championships was confined to the few amateurs who had some critical knowledge of the game of boxing, and to the survivors of the generation for which the fight between Sayers and Heenan had been described in The Times as solemnly as the University Boat Race. In short, pugilism was out of fashion because the police had suppressed the only form of it which fascinated the public by its undissembled pugnacity. All that was needed to rehabilitate it was the discovery that the glove fight is a more trying...
Page 11 - And lest the literary connoisseurs should declare that there was not a single correct line in all my three acts, I stole or paraphrased a few from Marlowe and Shakespear (not to mention Henry Carey) ; so that if any man dared quote me derisively, he should do so in peril of inadvertently lighting on a purple patch from Hamlet or Faustus.
Page 7 - It may be asked why I have written The Admirable Bashville in blank verse. My answer is that I had but a week to write it in. Blank verse is so childishly easy and expeditious (hence, by the way, Shakespear's copious output), that by adopting it I was enabled to do within the week what would have cost me a month in prose.
Page 71 - Profession. As long as society is so organized that the destitute athlete and the destitute beauty are forced to choose between underpaid drudgery as industrial producers, and comparative self-respect, plenty, and popularity as prizefighters and mercenary brides, licit or illicit, it is idle to affect virtuous indignation at their expense. The word prostitute should either not be used at all, or else applied impartially to all persons who do things for money that they would not do if they had any...
Page 72 - Do thus and thus, or starve. It was easy for Ruskin to lay down the rule of dying rather than doing unjustly; but death is a plain thing: justice a very obscure thing. How is an ordinary man to draw the line between right and wrong otherwise than by accepting public opinion on the subject; and what more conclusive expression of sincere public opinion can there be than market demand? Even when we repudiate that and fall back on our private judgment, the matter gathers doubt instead of clearness.
Page 37 - I deemed those chimneys the fuliginous altars Of some infernal god. I now perceive The English dare not look upon the sky. They are moles and owls : they call upon the soot To cover them. LUCIAN. You cannot understand The greatness of this people, Cetewayo. You are a savage, reasoning like a child. Each pallid English face conceals a brain Whose powers are proven in the works of Newton And in the plays of the immortal Shakespear. There is not one of all the thousands here But, if you placed him naked...
Page 21 - LYDIA. My cousin ails, Bashville. Procure some wet {Exit BASHVILLE. LUCIAN. Some wet!!! Where learnt you that atrocious word? This is the language of a flower-girl. LYDIA. True. It is horrible. Said I "Some wet"? I meant, some drink. Why did I say "Some wet"?
Page 35 - I do not understand. CASHEL. True. Pardon me. I have received a blow upon the nose In sport from Bashville. Next, ablution; else I shall be total gules. [He hurries out. LYDIA. How well he speaks ! There is a silver trumpet in his lips That stirs me to the finger ends.
Page 52 - Tis Fate's decree. For know, rash youth, that in this star crost world Fate drives us all to find our chiefest good In what we can, and not in what we would.
Page 27 - T'th' height of his profession. Also Bashville. BASHVILLE. Think not of me, sir. Let him do his worst. Oh, if the valor of my heart could weigh The fatal difference twixt his weight and mine, A second battle should he do this day: Nay, though outmatched...

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