The Papyrus of Ani: A Reproduction in Facsimile, Volume 1

Front Cover
Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge
Putnam, 1913 - Book of the dead - 704 pages
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Page 125 - Depart poison, go forth from Ra. O eye of Horus, go forth from the god, and shine outside his mouth. It is I who work, it is I who make to fall down upon the earth the vanquished poison ; for the name of the great god hath been taken away from him.
Page 95 - The notion that, by eating the flesh, or particularly by drinking the blood, of another living being, a man absorbs his nature or life into his own, is one which appears among primitive peoples in many forms. It lies at the root of the widespread practice of drinking the fresh blood of enemies — a practice which was familiar to certain tribes of the Arabs before Muhammad, and which tradition still ascribes to the wild race of...
Page 122 - And she meditated in her heart saying, "Cannot I by means of the sacred name of God make myself mistress of the earth and become a goddess like unto Ra in heaven and upon earth?
Page 59 - youth, thou produces! the .... The stars in the celestial " heights are obedient unto thee, and the great doors of the " sky open themselves before thee. Thou art he to whom " praises are ascribed in the southern heaven, and thanks " are given for thee in the northern heaven. The imperish"able stars are under thy supervision, and the stars which " never set are thy thrones. Offerings appear before thee " at the decree of Keb. The Companies of the Gods praise " thee, and the gods of the Tuat (Other...
Page 70 - possess my flesh for ever and ever, I shall not decay, I shall not crumble away, " I shall not wither away, I shall not become corruption.
Page 124 - I had created, when lo! I was bitten by a serpent which I saw not. Is it fire? Is it water? I am colder than water, I am hotter than fire. All my flesh sweateth, I quake, my eye hath no strength, I cannot see the sky, and the sweat rusheth to my face even as in the time of summer. " Then said Isis unto Ra, "O tell me thy name, holy Father, for whosoever shall be delivered by thy name shall live.
Page 16 - No other parts of the coffin or bones could be found in the " room ; I therefore had the rubbish which had been previously turned out " of the same room carefully re-examined, when several pieces of the coffin " and of the mummy-cloth were found...
Page 107 - God is truth, and He liveth by truth, and He feedeth thereon. He is the King of truth, He resteth upon truth, He fashioneth truth, and He executeth truth throughout all the world. " God is life, and through Him only man liveth. He giveth life to man, and He breatheth the breath of life into his nostrils. " God is father and mother, the father of fathers, GOD THE CREATOR AND FATHER. 21 and the mother of mothers.
Page 60 - Spirit-Bodies; permanent is thy rank, established is thy rule. Thou art the well-doing Sekhem (Power) of the Company of the Gods, gracious is thy face, and beloved by him that seeth it. Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of thy perfect love, and they cry out to thy name making it the first of names, and all people make offerings to thee. Thou art the lord who art commemorated in heaven and upon earth. Many are the cries which are made to thee at the Uak festival, and with one heart and voice...
Page 16 - In clearing the rubbish out of the large entrance-room, after the men had been employed there several days and had advanced some distance towards the south-eastern corner, some bones were first discovered at the bottom of the rubbish; and the remaining bones and parts of the coffin were immediately discovered all together. No other parts of the coffin or bones could be found in the room; I therefore had the rubbish which had been previously turned out of the same room carefully reexamined, when several...

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