Sir Thomas Overburies Vision, Volume 13

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R. Anderson, 1873 - 56 pages
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Page 8 - ... dead ghost. I was (woe's me, that I was ever so) Belov'd in court, first step to all my woe: There did I gain the grace of prince and peers, Known old in judgment, though but young in years; And there, as in this kingdom's garden, where Both weeds and flowers did grow, my plant did bear The buds of hope, which, flow'ring in their prime And May of youth, did promise fruit in time: But lust, foul lust, did, with a hand of blood, Supplant my plant, and crop me in the bud : Yet to myself had I my...
Page 25 - Justice, to me, did seem to sleep a while, And with delay did all my hopes beguile; But in short time, now in my riper...
Page 37 - ... Thou injur'd ghost ; yet was I but a mute, And what I did was at another's suit : Their plots I saw, and silent kept the same, For which my life did suffer death and shame; For see, ah ! see, this cord about my neck, Which time sometime with precious things did deck ; Revenge hath done, and justice hath her due, Let none then wrong the dead, let all with you, O gentle knight, forget my great offence, Which I have purg'd with tears of penitence : For thousand living eyes with tears could tell,...
Page 9 - Best wits can jud^e ; my wife I left behind, Unto the world, a witness may remain, I had no dull conceit, no barren brain : But as a dog, that at his prey doth aim, Doth only love the water for his game ; Which once obtain'd, he playing then no more, Shakes off the water when he comes on shore : So my great friend, no friend, but my great foe, Safe swimming in that way which I did show, Thro' danger's waters after honour's game, Did shake me off, when I had gain'd the same.