Reports of Exploration and Surveys

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Page ii - States, to employ such portion of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, and such other persons as he may deem necessary, to make such explorations and surveys as he may deem advisable, to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean...
Page xxvii - It is proper to state that, owing to various circumstances, the work was necessarily passed through the press with a rapidity probably unexampled in the history of natural-history printing, allowing very little opportunity for that critical and leisurely examination so necessary in correcting a work of the kind. For most of the time the proof has been furnished and read at the rate of twenty-four to thirty-two pages per day, nearly 400 pages having been set up, read, and printed during the first...
Page 704 - Map of the United States, and their Territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean, and a Part of Mexico.
Page xiii - March, 1853, an appropriation of $150,000 was made to defray the expenses of the survey of the various routes along which it was supposed that a railroad might be constructed from the Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean. For this purpose six parties were organized by the War Department for the survey of four main routes ; and in a short space of time they were in the field.
Page 689 - The Philosophy of Zoology, or a general View of the Structure, Functions and Classification of Animals.
Page 184 - Length about 4| feet. Muzzle longer than wide, sending down a naked point along the median line of the upper lip anteriorly, Under surfaces of the feet so covered with hair towards the circumference aa completely to isolate the naked pads of the tips.
Page ii - That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized, under the direction of the President of the United States, to cause to be sold such military sites, belonging to the United States, as may have been found, or become useless for military purposes.
Page 201 - Meles, though occasionally sufficiently developed to lock the condyles of the lower jaw. The coronoid process has its apex pointed instead of rounded or truncated; its posterior margin is formed by two lines, the lower rising nearly perpendicularly a little in advance of the condyle, the other rather longer than the first, making a very obtuse angle with it. The differences in the character of the teeth are equally striking, though their number is the same. The penultimate or sectorial upper molar...
Page xxvii - A few words in explanation of the plan adopted in preparing the articles of the present report may not be out of place. I have usually made the entire detailed description of the species from one particular specimen, (often indicating it by number,) mentioning afterwards the variations presented from this type by the others before me.
Page 693 - GAPPER (Dr.). 1. On the Quadrupeds found in the District of Upper Canada, extending between York and Lake Simcoe, with the view of illustrating their geographical distribution, as well as of describing some species hitherto unnoticed. — Zool.

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