Training for the Public Profession of the Law: Historical Development and Principal Contemporary Problems of Legal Education in the United States : with Some Account of Conditions in England and Canada

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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1921 - Law - 498 pages

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Page 139 - In order to this, let no good man travel at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the Sabbath, even to get home to his family.
Page 119 - Blackstone became the students' hornbook, from that moment, that profession (the nursery of our Congress) began to slide into toryism, and nearly all the young brood of lawyers now are of that hue. They suppose themselves, indeed, to be Whigs, because they no longer know what Whigism or republicanism means. It is in our seminary that that vestal flame is to be kept alive; it is thence it is to spread anew over our own and the sister States.
Page 382 - The habits of generalization, which will be acquired and perfected by the liberal studies which I have ventured to recommend, will do something to avert the fearful calamity which threatens us, of being buried alive, not in the catacombs, but in the labyrinths of the law.
Page 86 - ... territory, not inconsistent with this Constitution, shall continue and remain in full effect until repealed by the Legislature, except so much of the act entitled "an act regulating the admission and practice of attorneys and counselorsat-law...
Page 32 - When a doctor makes a mistake, he buries it. When a judge makes a mistake, it becomes the law of the land. When a preacher makes a mistake, nobody knows the difference. When an electrician makes a mistake, he blames it on induction; nobody knows what that means.
Page 88 - ... judicial" public officers such as county clerks and jury commissioners. It was further provided that any male adult citizen "of good moral character" and with "the requisite qualifications of learning and ability" should be entitled to admission to practice in all the courts of the State (Art.
Page 122 - to furnish a rational and useful entertainment to gentlemen of all professions, and in particular to assist in forming the Legislator, the Merchant, and the...
Page 465 - Note, also, the attention paid to admission requirements in 1894, 1907 and 1910, and special articles contributed by Dean Henry M. Bates of the University of Michigan law school in 1914 and 1916. A special study, "Legal Education in Great Britain," by Dean HS Richards of the University of Wisconsin law school appeared as Bulletin, 1915, No.
Page 86 - GENERAL trol of our governmental machinery, and was less concerned with making sure that privileges bestowed by the state should be well bestowed than with guarding against their again becoming a monopoly of a favored class in the community.
Page 167 - ... 6. As an excitement to diligence and good conduct, a degree of Bachelor of Laws shall be instituted at the University, to be conferred on such Students as shall have remained at least eighteen months at the University School, and passed the residue of their noviciate, in the office of some Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth, or who shall have remained three years, or if not graduates of any college, five years, in the School, provided the Professor having charge of the same shall...

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