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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageHealth Millennium Development - News: August 22, 2005 - Headline: WHO: Most Poor Countries Will Not Meet Health Development Goals. Excerpt: Director of WHO's MDG Program, Andrew Cassels, said if the present rate of decline continues, it will take 150 years, not 10 years, to achieve these goals. He said effective health systems capable of delivering drugs, dealing with emergencies and a whole range of diseases at the same time are essential for improving health. He said many countries face a human resource crisis. ... Africa particularly is desperately short of health workers, noted Mr. Cassels. People are leaving because the conditions under which they have to work are rotten and getting worse. They are looking for jobs in the private sector. They are leaving the country both within Africa and to the North. Stemming this flow, getting people in place to deliver health care is not just a technical issue of one of training and manuals and so forth. It is the political issue that affects the way governments set priorities for their public servants between north and south when it comes to migration.Patent UsageAn Animal Model for Enteric Pathogens: Patented by James J. Mond, John F. Kokai-kun and Frederick J. Cassels on April 3, 2002. Abstract: The present invention provides a reliable, low cost animal model for evaluating infections caused by enteric pathogens, including diarrheagenic Escherichia coli, such as enterotoxigenic, enterohemorrhagic, Shiga-toxin producing, and enteropathogenic E coli. The animal model can be used for vaccine development and drug screening, including the screening of compounds that impair or inhibit the binding of enteric pathogens to host cells or compounds that inhibit the effects of toxins produced by the enteric pathogen.Flavonoid and biflavonoid derivatives, their pharmaceutical compositions, their anxiolytic activity: Patented by Bruce Kennedy Cassels, Federico Jose Dajas, Jorge Horacio Medina, Alejandro Constanti Paladini and Rodolfo Horacio Silveira on May 1, 1996. Abstract: Certain flavonoids, notably derivatives of flavone, chrysin and apigenin, together with dimers thereof such as amentoflavone, have been found to possess anxiolytic properties (i.e., anxiety reducing properties) without exhibiting a sedative effect. Novel compounds and pharmaceutical formulations are also described.Gutter cleaning system: Patented by Donald M. Cassels Jr on September 5, 2000. Abstract: A gutter cleaning system has a shovel with a working surface and a connecting component. The connecting component is a rigid member. A handle has inboard and outboard components and a locking mechanism to vary the length of the handle. An adjustable holder has an inboard component coupled to the handle, an outboard component coupled to the shovel, and a locking bolt with a wingnut to vary the angle between the shovel and the handle.Mass Spectrometry of Colonization Factors: Patented by Frederick J. Cassels and Lewis K. Pannel on May 1, 1998. Abstract: This invention relates to the use of mass spectrometry for identifying specific colonization factors, such as fimbriae, fibrillae or pili, in a sample of Escherichia coli. The sample is disssolved in 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-propanol prior to mass spectrometry analysis. This method is useful for tracking infections by differentially identifying the colonization factors produced by specific organisms.Method for Treating, Preventing, or Inhibiting Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli Infections with Bovine Erythrocyte Preparations: Patented by Hyoik Ryu and Frederick J. Cassels on February 19, 2003. Abstract: Disclosed herein are RBC preparations and methods of making and using thereof for treating, preventing or inhiniting ETEC infections. In particulara, bovine RBC preparations are shown to reduce ETEC adhesion. Also disclosed are kits comprising RBC preparations for the treatment of ETEC infections.Monoclonal Antibody Which Agglutinates E.

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