Personal Hygiene, Designed for Undergraduates

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J. Wiley & sons, 1906 - Health - 221 pages
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Page 229 - Fuertes's Water and Public Health i2mo, i 50 Water-filtration Works. i2mo, 2 50 Ganguillet and Kutter's General Formula for the Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and Other Channels.
Page 233 - Rice and Johnson's Elementary Treatise on the Differential Calculus. . Sm. 8vo, 3 oo Differential and Integral Calculus. 2 vols. in one Small 8vo, 2 50 Wood's Elements of Co-ordinate Geometry 8vo, 2 oo Trigonometry: Analytical, Plane, and Spherical I2mo, 1 oo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.
Page 235 - Stationary Steam-engines 8vo, 2 50 Steam-boiler Explosions in Theory and in Practice i2mo, i 50 Manual of Steam-boilers, their Designs, Construction, and Operation 8vo, 5 oo Weisbach's Heat, Steam, and Steam-engines. (Du Bois.) 8vo, 5 oo Whitham's Steam-engine Design 8vo, 5 oo Wilson's Treatise on Steam-boilers. (Flather.) i6mo, 2 50 Wood's Thermodynamics, Heat Motors, and Refrigerating Machines. . .8vo, 4 oo MECHANICS AND MACHINERY.
Page 228 - Wright's Designing of Draw-spans: Part I. —Plate-girder Draws 8vo, 2 50 Part II. ' Riveted-truss and Pin-connected Long-span Draws 8vo, 2 50 Two parts in one volume 8vo, 3 50 HYDRAULICS.
Page 230 - Wood's (De V.) Treatise on the Resistance of Materials, and an Appendix on the Preservation of Timber 8vo, 2 oo Wood's (De V.) Elements of Analytical Mechanics 8vo, 3 oo Wood's (MP) Rustless Coatings: Corrosion and Electrolysis of Iron and Steel.
Page 238 - Cost of Food. A Study in Dietaries I2mo, i oo Cost of Living as Modified by Sanitary Science I2mo, i oo Richards and Woodman's Air, Water, and Food from a Sanitary Standpoint 8vo, 2 oo * Richards and Williams's The Dietary Computer 8vo, i 50 Rideal's Sewage and Bacterial Purification of Sewage 8vo, 3 50 Turneaure and Russell's Public Water-supplies 8vo, 5 oo Von Behring's Suppression of Tuberculosis.
Page 236 - Johnson's (LJ) Statics by Graphic and Algebraic Methods. 8vo, 2 oo Jones's Machine Design: Part I. Kinematics of Machinery 8vo. i 50 Part II. Form, Strength, and Proportions of Parts 8vo, 3 oo Kerr's Power and Power Transmission 8vo, 2 oo Lanza's Applied Mechanics '. 8vo.
Page 231 - Manual of Elementary Problems in the Linear Perspective of Form and Shadow T 2iIi0, i oo Plane Problems in Elementary Geometry I2mo, i 23 Primary Geometry i2mo, 75 Elements of Descriptive Geometry, Shadows, and Perspective 8vo, 3 50 General Problems of Shades and Shadows 8vo, 3 oo Elements of Machine Construction and Drawing 8vo, 7 so Problems, Theorems, and Examples in Descriptive Geometry 8vo. 2 50 Weisbach's Kinematics and the Power of Transmission.
Page 235 - Steam-engine 2 vols., 8vo, 10 oo Part I. History, Structure, and Theory. .; 8vo, 6 oo Part II. Design, Construction, and Operation 8vo, 6 oo Handbook of Engine and Boiler...
Page 228 - Wilson's Topographic Surveying 8vo, 3 50 BRIDGES AND ROOFS. Boiler's Practical Treatise on the Construction of Iron Highway Bridges . . 8vo, 2 oo * Thames River Bridge 4to, paper...

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