In the Land of Misfortune

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R. Bentley and son, 1882 - South Africa - 434 pages

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Page 382 - I will not make war upon any chief, or chiefs, or people, without the sanction of the British Government
Page 11 - In the dignity, patience, and fortitude under severe trial with which he bears his captivity, Cetshwayo has shown that he lacks not that which is found wanting in the breasts of his conquerors, ie generosity and nobility of soul, which it would be well for justiceloving (!) John Bull to imitate.
Page 6 - where nothing presents itself to the reflections of most men, than irksome observations on the desert
Page 381 - I will not permit the existence of the Zulu military system, or the existence of any
Page 167 - However, there was nothing for it but to make the best of matters;
Page 11 - recorded than the detention of this brave but unhappy captive, who is suffering for the ambition and cupidity of others, and whose sole crime was his defence of his invaded country,
Page 2 - in many cases the mortally stricken soldier is left to his last agony on the spot whereon he fell, unheeded as the tide of battle flows ; and the one who might bring relief and tenderness to soothe his last moments is not always by. It was in this capacity that I decided to proceed at once to South Africa.
Page 96 - that if you want a thing done you must do it yourself, I
Page 258 - to spend the remainder of that day and the whole of the following night
Page 164 - boy, who could not have been more than seven or eight years old

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