Days Near Rome

K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, Limited, 1907 - 310 頁

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第 227 頁 - And from thence, when the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii forum, and The three taverns: whom when Paul saw, he thanked God, and took courage.
第 26 頁 - ... an emerald. Far up into the recesses of the valley, the green vistas arched like the hollows of mighty waves of some crystalline sea, with the arbutus flowers dashed along their flanks for foam, and silver flakes of orange spray tossed into the air around them...
第 143 頁 - Poi ch' hai il sangue mio a te sì tratto, Che non si cura della propria carne ? Perchè men paia il mal futuro e il fatto Veggio in Alagna entrar lo fiordaliso , E nel Vicario suo Cristo esser catto. Veggiolo un' altra volta esser deriso ; « Veggio rinnovellar 1' aceto e il fele , E tra
第 289 頁 - Non frondi verdi ma di color fosco, Non rami schietti, ma nodosi e involti, Non pomi v'eran, ma stecchi con tosco.
第 25 頁 - ... the Claudian aqueduct lighting up the infinity of its arches like the bridge of chaos. But as I climbed the long slope of the Alban Mount, the storm swept finally to the north, and the noble outline of the domes of Albano, and...
第 236 頁 - Thou having overcome the sting of death, hast opened to believers the kingdom of heaven. Thou sittest at the right hand of God, in the glory of the Father.
第 142 頁 - Pope employed in endeavouring to stir up the people to his defence ; the people coldly answered, that they were under the command of their Captain. The Pope demanded the terms of the conspirators. 'If the Pope would save his life, let him instantly restore the Colonna Cardinals to their dignity, and reinstate the whole house in their honours and possessions ; after this restoration the Pope must abdicate, and leave his body at the disposal of Sciarra.
第 142 頁 - ... soldiers by whom they had been overawed, now gorged with plunder, and doubtless not unwilling to withdraw. The Pope was rescued, and led out into the street, where the old man addressed a few words to the people: " Good men and women, ye see how mine enemies have come upon me, and plundered my goods, those of the Church and of the poor. Not a morsel of bread have I eaten, not a drop have I drunk since my capture. I am almost dead with hunger.
第 157 頁 - Placidus ! why dost thou pursue me? I am Christ, whom thou hast hitherto served without knowing me. Dost thou now believe?' And Placidus fell with his face to the earth, and said, ' Lord, I believe ! ' And the voice answered, saying, ' Thou shalt suffer many tribulations for my sake, and shalt be tried by many temptations ; but be strong and of good courage, and I will not forsake
第 209 頁 - Would that a voice impressive might repeat, In holiest accents to my inmost soul, The name of Jesus ; and my words and works Attest true faith in Him, and ardent hope ; The soul elect, which feels within itself The seeds divine of this celestial love, Hears, sees, attends on Jesus ; Grace from Him Illumes, expands, fires, purifies the mind ; The habit bright of thus invoking Him, Exalts our nature so, that it appeals Daily to Him for its immortal food. In the last conflict with our ancient foe, So...