The History of Christina: Queen of Sweden

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G. Kearsly, 1766 - Sweden - 302 pages

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Page 184 - And, in the hearing of Lebel, the marquis continued his pleadings. At the end of two hours, about three in the afternoon, she again turned to the priest, and said in a raised, but calm and serious, voice : " Father, I am about to withdraw. I leave this man to you. Prepare him for death, and take care of his soul.
Page 187 - to the college of the Trinity, ordered " prayers and a mafs to be. folemnized for " the unfortunate Monaldefchi, and had " him buried in that church." In France this act of authority appeared too cruel and precipitate, particularly when confidered as the work of a woman. The king did not complain, though he had great caufe. The queftion at that time very ftrongly debated was, whether, having abdicated the throne of Sweden, and being in the dominions and palace of another fovereign...
Page 135 - Now I will be a man!" Quitting her female apparel, in order to travel with the greater eafe, fhe put on the drefs and appearance of a young nobleman, with the title of the count de Dohna, fon to a nobleman of her train, whom, with three others, count Steinberg, baron Soop, and. another lord, fhe retained in her fervice^ all ignorant what part of the world they were going to. She fent back all the ladies who attended her. When they came to a fmall ftream on the frontiers of...
Page 84 - Madrid, when don Lewis sent them the news of the imprisonment of the prince of Conde, the prince of Conti, and the duke of Longueville, and that marshal Turenne was fled into Flanders : so much had the cardinal improved his condition from the time that they had left Paris. There was yet no house provided for them, which they took very heavily, and believed that it might advance the business, if they had once a public reception as ambassadors...
Page 186 - France ; I have a monarch's right over ** my own fubjects, and will not folicit the " courts of judicature to punifh a criminal " domeftic when I have demonftrations of " his guilt before my eyes, written and •* figned with his own hand. Go — fulfil " your miniftry in preparing him.for death.
Page 188 - ... miftrefs, and held difcourfes injurious to her honour ; others go farther, and alledge, that Chriftina's inclinations favoured Monaldefchi, and that he had piqued her jealoufy, and merited her indignation by facrificing her to another lady, and by writing letters wherein the queen's conduct was ungenerouQy expofed.
Page 186 - The condemned marquis ran towards " him, grafping his hands, which he moift" ened with his tears, and befeeching him " to intercede once more in his favour. " The almoner carried back with him the " chief of the three perfons who had the *' charge of the execution. Prefently this QUEEN OF SWEDEN. 187 " laft returned alone, and faid to Mo" naldefchi, '" Make your peace with God -t " for you muft die : Have you been con«
Page 181 - SWEDEN. i-8r equerry. Monaldefchi had been guilty of fome treafonable meafures towards his miftrefs, and was the fecret contriver of a plot, the odium of which he wanted to fall on the abfent officer. It muft undoubtedly be the chevalier Sentinelli, who was then in Italy ; but fome letters falling into...
Page 185 - I can" not pardon him ; let him die !" "Fa" ther Le Bel, having ineffectually at«' tempted to move her by religious mo" lives, rcprefented to her the impropriety " of doing herfelf juftice in the dominions " of the king of France ; and even in his " very palace : that fuch a ftep muft highly " offend his majefty, and would be con...
Page 187 - Make your peace with God ; " for you muft die : Have you been con" feffed ?" At the fame time he aimed a " ftroke at hi§ breaft: the marquis, in parry" ing it with his right hand, had three of " his fingers cut : a coat of mail he wore " defended him a while, but at length " they plunged their fwords in his throat, " and he expired. Chriftina teftified forne ** regret for having been conftrained to put " him to death ; " But it was an acl of " juftice, faid fhe, to punifh this tray tor for

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