The Western Palaearctic Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera)

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A complete handbook which will provide an extensive introduction to the biology, ecology and behaviour of the Zygaenidae, a group of diurnal moths that has become one of the most intensively studied models of chemical and evolutionary biology. Consequently, the introduction will provide detailed information on zygaenid systematics and phylogeny, life cycles, morphology, zoogeography and palaeontology, genetics and individual variation, ecology and behaviour, conservation, collecting and breeding techniques. The general part concludes with an essay on the history of research on the Zygaenidae. In the systematic part of the book, the 115 species of westen Palaearctic Zygaenidae, currently contained in the three subfamilies Procridinae, Chalcosiinae and Zygaeninae, will be treated. Each species is briefly described, followed by ifferentiating characters of similar species, individual and geographical variation, distribution (with maps for each species), ecology, behaviour, early instars and larval foodplants. Colour plates illustrates all species and the male and female genitalia of the Procridinae are also figured. A bibliography will provide references to the most relevant literature for those interested in current research. 12 colour plates. Line drawings of genitalia. Distribution maps to all species. Other text figures.

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