The Life and Voyages of Americus Vespucius: With Illustrations Concerning the Navigator, and the Discovery of the New World

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Baker & Scribner, 1846 - America - 431 pages
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Page 7 - The love of Christ constraineth us, because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead; and that He died for all, that they who live, should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto Him who died for them, and rose again.
Page 193 - Incessant labouring round the stormy Cape, — By bold ambition led, and bolder thirst Of gold. For then from ancient gloom emerged...
Page 125 - ... to relate it appears a horrible thing: how much more so to see it, as, infinite times and in many places, it was my hap to see it: and they wondered to hear us say that we did not eat our enemies: and this your Magnificence may take for certain, that their other barbarous customs are such that expression is too weak for the reality: and as in these four voyages I have seen so many things diverse from our customs, I prepared to write a...
Page 83 - They observed that in the Psalms the heavens are said to be extended like a hide, that is, according to commentators, the curtain or covering of a tent, which, among the ancient pastoral nations, was formed of the hides of animals ; and that St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Hebrews, compares the heavens to a tabernacle, or tent, extended over the earth, which they thence inferred must be flat.
Page 336 - For .which reasons, and many more that might be alleged, I do not at all wonder that you who have a great heart, and all the Portuguese nation, which has ever had notable men in all undertakings, be eagerly bent upon performing this voyage.
Page 10 - BOOKS. the course of the book, and the extracts from her correspondence, are evidence. Had those talents been cultivated for the world and its approbation, she might, perhaps, have attained all that this world can give — fame — applause— and celebrity. But what would they avail her now 1 She has chosen the better part, which cannot be taken from her. It would be injustice to the publishers not to notice the beautiful manner in which the work has been executed. The paper and type are excellent,...
Page 8 - Nothing has been inserted, which would have been better omitted; and nothing appears to be wanting, which was necessary to a just appreciation of her character. We unhesitatingly commend this Memoir to all females, in all ranks of society. The most refined and best educated will rise from its perusal, improved in literary taste, intellectual...
Page 363 - Then he calls twelve men skilful in these matters, and commands them to look at the articles and fix their price. Whatever they name is paid in these cards, which the merchant cordially receives. In this manner the great sire possesses all the gold, silver, pearls, and precious stones in his dominions. When any of the cards are torn or spoiled, the owner carries them to the place whence they were issued, and receives fresh ones, with a deduction of three per cent.
Page 82 - St. Gregory, St. Basil and St. Ambrose, and Lactantius Firmianus, a redoubted champion of the faith. Doctrinal points were mixed up with philosophical discussions, and a mathematical demonstration was allowed no weight, if it appeared to clash with a text of Scripture, or a commentary of one of the fathers.
Page 13 - THE LATE REV. WM. NEVINS, DD, 1 vol. 12mo., 75 LECTURES ON UNIVERSALISM, by Rev. Joel Parker, DD, President of the New York Theological Seminary, 12mo., ------ 75 JACOB WRESTLING WITH THE ANGEL, and SOLOMON THE SHULAMITE, by Krummacher, author of "Elijah the Tishbite,

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