The London Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 2

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R. Phillips, 1799 - Medicine
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Page 386 - An act for the appointing of physicians and surgeons," — after reciting that " forasmuch as the science and cunning of physic and surgery (to the perfect knowledge whereof be requisite both great learning and ripe experience) is daily within this realm exercised by a great multitude of ignorant persons, of whom the greater part have no manner of insight in the same, nor in any other kind of learning...
Page 89 - Mrs. Healde became a pensioner on the society for the relief of the widows and orphans of medical men, and thenceforward for many years acted in the capacity of midwife.
Page 386 - ... so far forth, that common artificers, as smiths, and weavers, and women, boldly and accustomably, take upon them great cures, in which they partly use sorcery and witchcraft...
Page 92 - The parts should be first cleared of the hair, sometimes found in considerable quantities upon the legs, by means of a razor, that none of the discharges by being retained, may become acrid and inflame the skin, and that the dressings may be removed with...
Page 273 - I suppose this living filament, of whatever form it may be, whether sphere, cube, or cylinder, to be endued with the capability of being excited into action by certain kinds of stimulus.
Page 195 - The Natural History of the Tea-Tree, with Observations on the Medical Qualities of Tea, and on the effects of Tea-Drinking.
Page 28 - Can any person say what may be the consequences of introducing a bestial humour into the human frame, after a long lapse of years? Who knows, besides, what ideas may rise, in the course of time, from a brutal fever having excited its incongruous impression on the brain?
Page 268 - Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge, the which doth teach a man to speak part of all manner of Languages, and to know the usage and fashion of all manner of Countries, and for to know the most part of all manner of Coins of Money,
Page 185 - I saw the body of a young woman, of nineteen or twenty, entirely naked. She had fine brown hair, and lay extended as on a bed. The...
Page 93 - The whole of the leg should then be covered equally with the longitudinal compresses, and the roller applied round the limb from the toes to the knee with as much firmness as the patient can support. One or two circulars of the roller should be first passed round the ankle-joint, then as many round the foot as will cover and support every part of it, except the toes, and the same continued up the limb as far as the knee ; the roller should be carried from the ankle upwards in doloires, as many reverses...

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