The Building Code of the City of Jersey City, 1907

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Page 245 - ... where there are practical difficulties in the way of carrying out the strict letter of the law, so that the spirit of the law shall be observed and public safety secured and substantial justice done...
Page 72 - ... and if any tenement house is hereafter erected upon any lot upon which there is already another building, it shall comply with all of the provisions of this act, and in addition the space between the said...
Page 213 - All that portion of the stage not comprised in the working of scenery, traps and other mechanical apparatus for the presentation of a scene, usually equal to the width of the proscenium opening, shall be built of iron or steel beams filled in between with fireproof material, and all girders for the support of said beams shall be of wrought iron or rolled steel.
Page 20 - ... shall be and remain practically as safe as before such excavation was commenced, whether the said adjoining or contiguous wall or walls, structure or structures, are down more or less than ten feet below the curb.
Page 118 - If elevators, elevating machines or hod-hoisting apparatus are used within a building in the course of construction, for the purpose of lifting materials to be used in such construction, the contractors or owners shall cause the shafts or openings in each floor to be inclosed or fenced in on all sides by a barrier at least eight feet in height...
Page 53 - On the inside of all openings in which lintels shall be less than the thickness of the wall to be supported, there shall be timber lintels which shall rest at each end not more than...
Page 73 - In every tenement house hereafter erected all rooms, except water-closet compartments and bathrooms, shall be of the following minimum sizes : In each apartment there shall be at least one room containing not less than one hundred and twenty square feet of floor area, and each other room shall contain at least seventy square feet of floor area. Each room shall be in every part not less than nine feet high from the finished floor to the finished ceiling ; provided that an attic room need be nine feet...
Page 74 - ... window in every twenty feet of hallway shall not apply to that portion of the entrance hall between the entrance and the first flight of stairs; provided, that the entrance door contains not less than five square feet of glazed surface...
Page 29 - If stepped-up footing of brick are used in place of stone, above the concrete, the offsets, if laid in single courses, shall each not exceed one and one-half inches, or if laid in double courses, then each shall not exceed three inches, offsetting the first course of brickwork, back one-half the thickness of the concrete base, so as to properly distribute the load to be imposed thereon.
Page 63 - The depth of said yard, measured from the extreme rear wall of the house to the rear line of the lot, shall be as set forth in the two following sections.

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