The Labor Contract from Individual to Collective Bargaining, Volume 2, Issue 1

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University of Wisconsin, 1907 - Labor contract - 182 pages

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Page 111 - Part further covenants and agrees to merchandise such wheat in foreign ports, it being understood and agreed between the Party of the First Part and the Party of the Second Part...
Page 94 - In consideration of the use of the union trade label of the party of the second part, the party of the first part agrees to abide by the following rules and conditions governing the same: 1.
Page 17 - One of the eternal conflicts out of which life is made up is that between the effort of every man to get the most he can for his services, and that of society, disguised under the name of capital, to get his services for the least possible return.
Page 17 - ... free competition means combination, and that the organization of the world, now going on so fast, means an ever-increasing might and scope of combination. It seems to me futile to set our faces against this tendency.
Page 12 - ... prevent them from being injurious, and to such reasonable restraints and regulations established by law as the Legislature, under the governing and controlling power vested in them by the Constitution, may think necessary and expedient.
Page 72 - In carrying out this agreement, the parties hereto agree to sustain the principle that absolute personal independence of the individual to work or not to work, to employ or not to employ, is fundamental, and should never be questioned or assailed...
Page 12 - It is that inherent and plenary power in the state which enables it to prohibit all things hurtful to the comfort, safety and welfare of society.
Page 20 - A combination of workmen to raise their wages may be considered in a twofold point of view : one is ,to benefit themselves, the other is to injure those who do not join their society. The rule of law condemns both.
Page 101 - NDA that the earnings of a molder should exercise no influence upon the molding price of work, which is set, according to well-established precedent and rule of conference agreements, by comparison with...
Page 94 - To persuade employers to agree to arbitrate all differences which may arise between them and their employees, in order that the bonds of sympathy between them may be strengthened and that strikes may be rendered unnecessary.

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