The City of Numbered Days

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Scribner's, 1914 - Cities and towns - 347 pages
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Page 176 - MIRAPOLIS the marvellous was a hustling, roaring, wide-open mining-camp of twenty thousand souls by the time the railroad, straining every nerve and crowding three shifts into the twenty-four-hour day, pushed its rails along the foot-hill bench of Chigringo, tossed up its temporary station buildings, and signalled its opening for business by running a mammoth excursion from the cities of the immediate East.
Page 77 - Or perhaps it would be nearer the truth to say that I have had it now and then in times past.
Page 177 - Service should have a part in the rejoicings, and Brouillard found himself discomfortingly emphasized as chairman of the civic reception committee. Expostulation was useless. Mr. Cortwright insisted genially, and Miss Genevieve added her word. And there had been only Grislow to smile cynically when the printed programmes appeared with the chief of the Buckskin reclamation project down for an address on "Modern City Building.
Page 179 - Gorman, Mr. Cortwright's ablest trumpeter in the real-estate booming, was holding the plaza crowd spellbound with his enthusiastic periods, rising upon his toes and lifting his hands in angel gestures to high heaven in confirmation of his prophetic outlining of the Mirapolitan future. In the middle distance, and backgrounding the buildings on the opposite side of the plaza, rose the...
Page 187 - Castner was looking out over the seething street caldron from his commanding height of six feet of athletic man stature, his strong face a mask of bitter humiliation and concern. "Brouillard, this is simply hideous!
Page 177 - consented to suspend work on the great dam during the day of triumphs, and the ReclamationService force, smaller now than at any time since the beginning of the undertaking, went to swell the crowds in Chigringo Avenue. Of the engineering staff Grislow alone held aloof. Early in the morning he trudged away with rod and trout-basket for the upper waters of the Niquoia and was seen no more.
Page 192 - I'll fix him so he won't give the governor's snap away! He'll pipe the story of the Coronida Grant off to the papers? — not if I kill him till he's too dead to bury, I guess.
Page 189 - It was little less than a crime to turn your laborers loose on the town on such an occasi as this," said Castner, dealing out his words as frankly and openly as he did his blows. Brouillard shrugged. "If I hadn't given them the day they would have taken it without leave. You'll have to pass the responsibility on to some one higher up.
Page 186 - In the short faring through the crowded street from the plaza to the Metropole corner Brouillard saw and heard things to make his blood boil. Women, those who were not a part of the unrestrained mob, were disappearing from the streets, and it was well for them if they could find shelter near at hand.
Page 191 - ... dominated the clamor of the piano and the stamping feet. Brouillard made a quick dash for the open door of the neighboring barrel-house, and Castner was so good a second that they burst in as one man. The dingy interior of Pegleg John's, which was merely a barrel-lined vestibule leading...

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