The Life of Schleiermacher: As Unfolded in His Autobiography and Letters, Volume 1

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Page 281 - Here it was that for the first time I awoke to the consciousness of the relations of man to a higher world. Here it was that that mystic tendency developed itself, which has been of so much importance to me, and has supported and carried me through all the storms of skepticism.
Page 385 - Miss Winkworth has done a service, not only to church history and to literature, but to those who seek simple and true-hearted devotional reading, or who desire to kindle their own piety through the example of saintly men, by producing a very instructive, complete...
Page 385 - No difference of opinion can be felt as to the intrinsic value of these sermons, or the general interest attaching to this book."— Athenaum. A deeply interesting life of Tauler, giving us his sermons, tastefully and vigorously translated.
Page 385 - Printed on Tinted Paper, and bound in antique style, with red edges, suitable for a Present. Price 15s. " A fragment of the best religion of the fourteenth century, most interesting in itself, and so presented as to lose none of its interest in the eyes of any reader. The Sermons have been selected with a view to their practical use, even in the present day." — Examiner. " This volume has several claims to notice. It is a biography of an eloquent preacher of the fourteenth century. It gives a history...
Page 157 - ... with his other qualities, is the most wonderful of all. Wherever he be, his wit and his simplicity make him the most delightful companion ; but to me he is more than that ; he is of the greatest and most essential benefit. I have never, it is true, been deprived of intellectual society here, and I have always known some man with whom I could talk about each individual science that interests me. Nevertheless I always feel the want of a companion to whom I could freely impart my philosophical ideas,...
Page 44 - ... in this — and such, I know, is your belief — oh then, pray to God to grant it to me, for to me it is now lost. I cannot believe that He who called Himself the Son of Man, was the true Eternal God. I cannot believe that His death was a...
Page iii - I stretch out all my roots and leaves in search of affection; it is necessary for me to feel myself in immediate contact with it, and when I am unable to drink in full draughts of it, I at once dry up and wither.
Page 164 - Schlegel still up, but he seems only to be waiting to any good-night to me, and then he goes to bed. I, on the contrary, then generally sit down to work until towards two o'clock, for from that hour until half-past eight one may have sleep enough.
Page 385 - The sermons are chiefly remarkable for their simple earnestness and directness. The translation is easy and good."— National Review. "The sermons of l)r.
Page 157 - I cannot only pour out what is already in me, but by means of the exhaustless stream of new views and new ideas which is ever flowing into him, much that has been lying dormant in me, is likewise set in motion. In short, as regards my activity in the world of philosophy and literature, my more intimate acquaintance with him forms an epoch. I say my more intimate acquaintance, for although I learnt to admire his. philosophy and his talents much sooner, it is one of my peculiarities that I cannot allow...

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