Three Vassar Girls in Russia and Turkey

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Estes and Lauriat, 1889 - Adventure stories - 240 pages

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Page 114 - A Moment's Halt — a momentary taste Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste — And Lo! — the phantom Caravan has reached The NOTHING it set out from — Oh, make haste!
Page 114 - Tis but a Tent where takes his one day's rest A Sultan to the realm of Death addrest; The Sultan rises, and the dark Ferrash Strikes, and prepares it for another Guest.
Page 200 - Four hundred thousand men and more Must go with him to Moscow: There were Marshals by the dozen, And Dukes by the score; Princes a few, and Kings one or two; While the fields are so green, and the sky so blue, Morbleu ! Parbleu ! What a pleasant excursion to Moscow!
Page 202 - And then came on the frost and snow All on the road from Moscow. The wind and the weather he found in that hour Cared nothing for him nor for all his power ; For him, who while Europe crouch'd under his rod, Put his trust in his fortune, and not in his God.
Page 211 - Father ! is this evil world of ours; Upward, through its blood and ashes, spring afresh the Eden flowers ; From its smoking hell of battle, Love and Pity send their prayer, And still thy white-winged angels hover dimly in our air ! FORGIVENESS.
Page 149 - fainter Went wailing up to the skies, Shall be lost in the splendid triumph As the Church reclaims her own, And the Patriarch welcomes our Lord the Czar To the Caesars...
Page 201 - But the fields were green, and the sky was blue, Morbleu ! Parbleu ! And so he got to Moscow. He found the place too warm for him, For they set fire to Moscow. To get there had cost him much ado, And then no better course he knew While the fields were green, and the sky was blue, Morbleu ! Parbleu ! But to march back again from Moscow.
Page 201 - But which no one can speak, and no one can spell. They stuck close to N"ap with all their might, They were on the left and on the right, Behind and before, and by day and by night...
Page 44 - ... other, they save us from the evils of isolation. To live as a member of the great white race of men — the race that has filled Europe and America, and colonized or conquered whatever other territories it has been pleased to occupy — to share from day to day its cares, its thoughts, its aspirations, it is necessary that every man should read his daily newspaper. Why are the French peasants so bewildered and at sea, so out of place in the modern world ? It is because they never read a newspaper....
Page 213 - His foeman's frown imprinted in his brain,— \Vakes to thy healing face and dewy hand ! When this great noise hath rolled from off the land, When all those fallen Englishmen of ours Have bloomed and faded in Crimean flowers, Thy perfect charity unsoiled shall stand. Some pitying student of a nobler...

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