Men who have made the new German empire: a series of biographical sketches, Volume 1

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Page 337 - It reflects in a very comprehensive way some of the leading aspects of religious thought in the Church of England at the present time, and contains a number of literary photographs — if the phrase may be allowed — of eminent clergymen ..... The author knows his subject, and has the art of instructing his readers.
Page 338 - Henry Irving, Charles Reade, Tom Hood, Benjamin Webster, Anthony Trollope, CE Mudie, Lionel Brough, Wilkie Collins, Alfred Tennyson, Norman Macleod, Andrew Halliday, Canon Kingsley, George Augustus Sala, Professor Huxley, Charles Lever, JR Planche, Edmund Yates, Captain Warren...
Page 290 - And the earth was without form and void ; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And God said : 'Let there be light ! And there was light.
Page 337 - UNORTHODOX LONDON ; or, Phases of Religious Life in the Metropolis. By the Rev. C. MAURICE DAvIES, DD 1 vol.
Page 22 - He could not hop'e to maintain peaceful possession of it for long ; he had to defend himself against the Moghul power which has been irresistible till now. With this pre-vision, he applied all the energy of his mind, and all the resources of his dominions, to the fortification of the principal towns. He constructed new ramparts around...
Page 317 - Si qui sunt Presbyteri, Diaconi, vel Subdiaconi, qui in crimine fornicationis jaceant, interdicimus eis, ex parte Dei omnipotentis, et S. Petri auctoritate, ecclesiae introitum, usque dum poeniteant et emendent. Si qui vero in suo peccato perseverare...
Page 119 - Nosotros, que cada uno por si somos tanto como os, y que juntos podemos mas que os, os hacemos nuestro rey, contanto que guardareis nuestros fueros ; si no, no...
Page 338 - OF LIGHT AND ENTERTAINING LITERATURE. Now publishing, JESSIE TRIM. By BL FARJEON, author of " Blade-o'Grass," "Golden Grain," " Bread-and-Cheese and Kisses," "Grif," " London's Heart," and
Page 121 - ... of 1848 and 1849 — but by iron and blood ! " The Chamber responded by arriving at a resolution on the 7th of October, by which all expenditure was declared unconstitutional if declined by the national representatives ; and having thus proved itself hopelessly impracticable for Bismarck's purposes, the session of the Diet was closed, on the 13th of October, by a royal message. Immediately after assuming the Ministry, in December, 1862, Bismarck opened...
Page 337 - Work by Elizabeth Cooper. The Life of Thomas "Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, and LordLieutenant of Ireland. By ELIZABETH COOPER, author of 'The Life of Arabella Stuart,' ' Popular History of America,

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