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A Summer's Secret is touching historical fiction. A new twist for the Amish community - a mystery. What's happening at the abandoned old barn? What will their father say? Lessons learned and understanding dawns in this book.
This was a relief and joy to read since it's not your typical Amish family story since the market has been flooded with them recently.
This fun series is perfect for younger readers as well. There is a well thought out plot line with a wonderful twist thrown it. I'm impressed at the depth of this novel.
The best thing about this book is it's about to become a series that I can't wait to read.
Looking forward to the next one!

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A Summer Secret was written about a young girl named Mary Beth who has a twin bother and five younger brothers to add to the mix. As most older sisters, she has her fair share of responsibilities, chores and babysitting. It seems like a huge burden to carry but with finances a problem, everyone in Mary Beth's family do their fair share of work. Mary Beth gets tired of the boys being ornery, making messes, invading her space and their constant irresponsibility.
Mary Beth seeks to find a place of her own. A place for privacy where she can record in her journal and have peace and quiet. She decides to find a refuge in an old abandoned barn in a neighboring field which her parents have declared off limits. She desperately needs a place to call her own. It will be her secret.
There is only one problem. She is not the only person who is claiming the barn as their own. Her secret has been discovered and now she may be in grave danger.
This book is written for young adults. I have to say I really enjoyed it as well. It is written in a manner to inform the reader of the Amish life style. It includes a glossary of Amish words and terms at the beginning of the book. It portrays good Godly principles and would be a wonderful summer book for any young adult to read. I would even recommend this for 5th grade and up. It is uplifting and encouraging. I rate it a strong 5 out of 5. After reading the book the reader is left with a wonderful moral lesson.

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The protagonist Mary Beth grows up in an Amish family surrounded by a twin brother and five younger brothers. Mary Beth finds an old barn in the neighboring field and her parents have forbidden her to go there, but she escapes to it as often as she can. Mary Beth soon discovers someone is living there; someone who needs help. I could identify with Mary Beth’s struggles for peace and independence and be engrossed in the excitement of keeping the barn a secret and also the young man that is living there a secret.
At first, I was having trouble getting into A Summer Secret; the novel was a bit slow getting started. However, about half-way through it just grabbed me and would not let go! From that point forward, I couldn’t wait to turn the next page and see what was said, and how conflict would be handled. This novel shows how sometimes making the right decision in your heart may not be the right decision according to what your parents would desire you to make. This novel is intertwined with love and caring when Mary Beth finds a young boy in need of her help. I love the Amish dialog that came to the surface while reading this novel. I found the novel to be refreshing and both young adults and adults will find this book an excellent book to read.
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