A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts and Scarce Books in the Library of St. John's College, Cambridge, Part 2

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J. & J.J. Deighton, 1843 - Bibliography - 162 pages
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Page 1 - Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.
Page 88 - Scriptures, as attempt to supersede their necessity, by endeavouring to show that the great principles of the unity of God, a moral government, and a future world, are taught with sufficient clearness by the light of nature.
Page 134 - Many are of opinion that there is scarcely a book of this age, or at least in the Italian language, so sweet, so pious, so simple, so well fitted to instruct the ignorant and weak, especially in the doctrine of justification.
Page 114 - CERTAIN SLANDEROUS SPEECHES against the present Estate of the Church of England, published to the people by the Precisians, with the particular causes that have so stirred them, and blasphemous and seditious positions held by them, with refutations of the same, and an Index of Browne's heresies, with their refutation.
Page 81 - CORINTH. (2) COPY OF PETITION TO QUEEN ELIZABETH FOR CONFIRMING THE BOOK OF ARTICLES, 1566. (3) THE EARL OF MANCHESTER'S LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT AND FELLOWS OF ST JOHN'S COLLEGE FOR EJECTING DR BEALE, THEN MASTER, 13 March, 1643, (parchment.) (4) A COPY OF A LETTER WRITTEN IN CARDINAL WOLSEY'S OWN HAND TO KING HENRY VIII. 'which I transcribed from a copy taken of it by Archbishop Abbott, for he endorsed it thus with his own hand,' " The original I sent back to the office of the King's Papers." 'Ita...
Page 140 - It seems to be a collection of deeds, &c. relating to the charity trusts in the City of London. 26. A VOLUME of Miscellaneous Subjects, as in the list subjoined. Folio, paper. " DD Thos. Baker." (1) A MS. on some Theological Subject, given to Mr Baker, by Francis Peck, 1731, folio. (2) The Life of Mr Matthew Robinson, MA Vicar of Burniston, in the North Riding of Yorkshire and diocese of Chester, and sometime Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, written in his own hand, except the last four pages,...
Page 116 - ... connaissons deux exemplaires à Paris, l'un dans la Biblioth. du Roi, l'autre dans le Cabinet de M. le Président de Cotte." Bibliographie Instructive de De Bure, Tom. 6, p. 458. 5. LE CIEL OUVERT A TOUS LES HOMMES, ou Traité Théologique dans lequel sans rien déranger des pratiques de la Religion, on prouve solidement par l'Ecriture Sainte et la raison que tous les hommes seront sauvés. Compose par Pierre Cuppé, Prestre, Bachelier en Théologie, Chanoine régulier de S. Augustin et Prieur,...
Page 123 - Sturmius' epistle, and the correspondence to which this gave rise between that learned man and Sadolet. t During the last century, cardinal Quirini took occasion, from this private council, to extol the exertions of the pope to reform ecclesiastical abuses, in his prefaces to his edition of cardinal Pole's Letters, and also in his Diatriba de Gestis Pauli III. Farnesii, published at Brescia in 1745. To this two able replies were made: one by Joan. Rudolphus Kiesling, entitled, Epistola de Gestis...
Page 102 - DD Hebrew Professor; Joseph Thurston; Griffith Bodurda ; Allen Henman ; Tobias Rustat ; Cadwallader Jones ; Samuel Howlett ; Lambrochius Thomas, dean of Chichester ; William Lloyd, bishop of Norwich ; Richard Hill. There is abundance of room for a hundred or so more. It is probably this book to which the following entry refers, Harl. MSS. 7047.
Page 116 - Historia et non meno necessaria et utile da esser letta et intesa da ogni uno, che stupenda ; intitolata : La Vergine Venetiana : parte vista, parte provata, et fidelissimamente scritta per Guliehno Postello, primogenito delia Restitutione, et Spirituale Padre di essa Vergine.