Hellenics Books I and II.

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Αακεδαιμονίων αβ Άβυδος αη Αηαο Αηαύ Αθηναΐοι Αθηναίων αί Αίηβηβ Αίηβηίαη αίίβΓ Αλκιβιάδης άλλ άστεος Αττική Αύσανδρος αύτοΐς αύτοΰ αυτούς αύτών βασιλέως βηά Βιθυνοί βο γάρ δέ καϊ δέ ταΰτα δέκα διά δραχμή έκ εκατόν εκεϊθεν έν επεϊ επϊ Ερασίστρατος ές εφη ηαά Ηάί ηανβ ηανίη ηβ ηβΓβ ΗβΙΙ ηίβ ηο ηοί ηοίβ ηραμένης ήσαν θάΧατταν ί1ιβ ίβ ίΓοπι ίη/τ ίη&ί ίηαί ίηβ ίηβγ ίηβίτ ίηβπι ίηε ίηίβ ίηίο ίί Ιιβ ίΙιβ ίΙιε ιν ίοΓ Ιπποκράτης ίτοιη ίτοπι καϊ Καρία Κόνων Κριτίας Λάμψακος μάλιστα μέν Μένανδρος μή Μυτιλήνη ναβ ναΰς ναυσιν νβ νεών νι νϊίη νιπ νπ νπι οηβ ολιγαρχία ον Ορ ούκ ουτοι παρά περϊ πι πιοΓβ πόλιν πρέσβεις ρΓβββηί Σπάρτη συν τά ταυτα Τηβ Τηε Τηηο τήν Τηπο τί ΤΙειραιεΐ ΤΙιβ Τισσαφέρνης τνα8 τνβ τνβΓβ τνηίοη τνίίη τνίίΙι τό τοΐς τόν τοΰ τούς τούτου τούτων τριάκοντα τριήρεις τψ τών ύπό Φαρνάβαζος Χαρμίδης Χβηορηοη Χερρόνησος χρήματα ώς

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Page 102 - Lacedœmoniorum dux fuisset Peloponnesiaco bello multaque fecisset egregie, vertit ad extremum omnia, cum consilio non paruit eorum qui classem ab Arginusis removendam nee cum Atheniensibus dimicandum putabant. Quibus
Page 101 - was a breaking through the enemy's line, in order by a rapid turn of the vessel to strike the enemy's ship on the side or stern, where it was most defenceless, and so to sink it.
Page 102 - inventi autem multi sunt qui non modo pecuniam sed etiam vitam profundere pro patria parati essent, idem
Page 118 - are his attendants. It is the very bane of our city, that it cherishes and protects this poisonous brood, and uses them as informers, so that even the honest man must flatter and court them, in order to be safe from their machinations.
Page 121 - after the review was over, these scattered companies went home to their meal, leaving their arms piled at the various places of muster.
Page 100 - Grecian armies consisted chiefly of free denizens, whom the laws of their country obliged, at a certain age, to appear in arms at the
Page 93 - quum ei omnes essent honores decreti, totaque respublica domi bellique tradita, ut unius arbitrio
Page 116 - This manner of speaking is derived from the apparent elevation of the horizon line of the sea above the shore, so that vessels seem ascending as they go further away from the land.

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