Through Town and Jungle: Fourteen Thousand Miles A-wheel Among the Temples and People Or the Indian Plain

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T. F. Unwin, 1904 - Bicycle touring - 380 pages
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Page 84 - The monolithic Indian saint is thousands of years younger than the prostrate Rameses or the guardians of Abu Simbal but he is more impressive, both on account of his commanding position on the brow of the hill over-looking the wide stretch of plain and of his size.
Page 84 - Considering the size of the head, which from crown to the bottom of the ear measures six feet six inches, the artist was skilful indeed to draw from the blank rock the wondrous contemplative expression touched with a faint smile, with which Gomata gazes out, on the struggling world.
Page 318 - Ajmer. 1 6.— UDAYAPURA. The city of Udaypur, or Udayapura, 34 miles to the north of Bhilsa, owes its name, and probably its foundation, to the Pramara Raja Udayaditya, the son of the famous Bhoja of Dhara. A legend connects the Raja with the spot. One day, when hunting, Udayadita saw a snake in the jungle surrounded by fire, from which it tried in vain to escape. The Raja took pity on the reptile, and lifted it out of the circle of fire on a bamboo. The snake was faint and asked for water, but...
Page 80 - In the whole beautiful State of Mysore it would be hard to find a spot where the historic and the picturesque clasp hands so firmly as here.
Page 84 - ... difficulty to transport a granite mass of this size up the oval hill-side. It is larger than any of the statues of Rameses in Egypt. The figure is standing with shoulders squared and arms hanging straight. Its upper half projects above the surrounding ramparts* It is carved in a...
Page 304 - Not satiated," exclaimed the Rana, " though eight thousand of my kin were late an offering to the.e ?" — " I must " have regal victims ; and if twelve who wear the diadem bleed not " for Cheetore, the land will pass from the line.
Page 81 - Image, mented verandah enshrining images of Jaina saints. This enclosure is again surrounded at some distance by a heavy wall, a good part of which is picturesquely formed by boulders in their natural position. A traditional account of Gommata is given in an inscription of poet Boppana of circa (a) Tradition 1180 AD and is repeated with some additions and variations in the details in several literary works such as the Bhujabali§ataka, Bhujabali-charite, etc.
Page 322 - To this speech the tree snake retorted, " Why do you remain in the Raja's stomach, when a dose of pepper, salt, and butter-milk would kill you at once? " This little conversation was heard by the Queen while she was fanning the sleeping Raja. When he awoke she prevailed on him to take a dose of the prescribed mixture, when he instantly vomited up the snake in small pieces. Then the Raja was angry with the Queen for not giving him this- medicine before ; but she told him that she had only just then...
Page 322 - ... was angry with the Queen for not giving him this- medicine before ; but she told him that she had only just then learned the secret, as well as another, which she would soon show him. So she got some oil from Kominagar ( also called Baro ) near Pathari, and poured it into the hole of the tree-snake, which died at once, and the Raja got possession of the treasure. Then being pleased with the situation, he built the town and named it after himself Udayapura, and on the very spot where he was cured...
Page 195 - Arabat, and engaged the fort (mounting 30 guus) for an hour and a half, at the end of which time a shell blew up the enemy's magazine...

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