Plates to the Geometrical and Graphical Essays

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W. Glendinning for, and sold by W. and S. Jones, 1791 - Geometry - 16 pages

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who ever scanned this did not unfold the plates so about 1/2 of diagramatic plates are obscured. what a shame. I f I am ever in michigan I will have words with the library. what a waste. 3 stars for having 1/2 of it there.

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Page 14 - An essay on vision; briefly explaining the fabric of the eye, and the nature of vision ; intended for the service of those whose eyes are weak.
Page 9 - Atwood's elegant and accurate apparatus for demonstrating the laws of accelerated and retarded motion, and other interesting laws in mechanics, with clock beating seconds, ----- 100.00 256 working model of steam engine, - $35.00 to 90.00 PNEUMATICS.
Page 5 - President of the Royal Society, this new British terrestrial globe containing all the latest discoveries and communications from the most correct and authentic observations and surveys to the year 1799 by Cap" Cook and more recent navigators.
Page 9 - ... frames, uniform in their size and finish, 60.00 248 Fig. 164, screw press, - ... 2.25 249 Fig. 165, endless screw, - - - $6 and 8.00 250 Fig. 166, capstan, ----- 2.50 251 Fig. 167, double cone, - - $1.50 and 2.00 252 Fig. 167, double cone with adjusting screws, 3.00 253 Fig. 168 to Fig. 174, whirling table, for explaining and demonstrating the laws of the planetary motions, and other properties of gravity and centrifugal forces, - - 75.00 254 Fig. 175, whirling table of simpler construction,...
Page 10 - A magic painter, exhibiting a copy of any one of eight different paintings secretly chosen...
Page 7 - Л curious collection of working models, to be set in motion by the electrical fluid, consisting of a corn mill and a threebarrelled water pump, worked by one crank only ; an orrery, shewing the diurnal motion of the earth, age, and phases of the moon, &c. an astronomical clock, shewing the aspects of the sun and moon, age, phases, See all delicately made of card-paper, cork, and wire only, packed in a deal case .....,.. 2 12 б . d.
Page 8 - О 1О 6 Barometers, thermometers, and hygrometers, all in one neat mahogany frame, from 4L 4s.

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