Mathematical Tables: Containing Common, Hyperbolic, and Logistic Logarithms. Also Sines, Tangents, Secants, and Versed-sines, Both Natural and Logarithmic. Together with Several Other Tables Useful in Mathematical Calculations. To which is Prefixed, a Large and Original History of the Discoveries and Writings Relating to Those Subjects. With the Compleat Description and Use of the Tables

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G.G.J. and J. Robinson, and R. Baldwin, Paternoster-Row, 1785 - Logarithms - 519 pages
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Page 102 - Now thefe rativncula are fb to be underflood as in a continued Scale of Proportionals infinite in Number between the two terms of the ratio, . which infinite Number of mean Proportionals is to that infinite Number of the like and equal...
Page 33 - Napier lord of Markinston, hath set my head and hands at work with his new and admirable logarithms. I hope to see him this summer, if it please God ; for I never saw a book which pleased me better, and made me more wonder.
Page 133 - ... or else subtract it from the negative. Also, adding the indices together when they are of the same kind, both affirmative or both negative ; but subtracting the less from the greater, when the one is affirmative and the other negative, and...
Page 125 - Then, because the sum of the logarithms of numbers, gives the logarithm of their product ; and the difference of the logarithms, gives the logarithm of the quotient of the numbers ; from the above two logarithms, and the logarithm of 10, which is 1 , we may obtain a great many logarithms, as in the following examples : 3.
Page 23 - Marcheston near Edinburgh, and told him, among other discourses, of a new invention in Denmark, (by Longomontanus as 'tis said) to save the tedious multiplication and division in astronomical calculations. Neper being solicitous to know...
Page 23 - ... numbers. Which hint Neper taking, he desired him at his return to call upon him again. Craig, after some weeks had passed, did so, and Neper then shewed him a rude draught of that he called ' Canon Mirabilis Logarithmorum.
Page 102 - RatiuncuU between any other two Terms, as the Logarithm of the one Ratio is to the Logarithm of the other. Thus if there be fuppofed between i and ю an infinite Scale of Mean Proportionals, whofe Number is IOOOOOC^T.
Page 115 - Ärft figute of the logarithm fought. Again, dividing 2 the number propofed by 1,995262315 the number found in the table, the quotient is 1,002374467 ; which being looked for in the fécond clafs of the table, and finding neither its equal nor a lefs, О is therefore to be taken for the fécond figure of the logarithm ; and the fame quotient 1,002374467 being looked for in the third clafs, the next lefs is there found to be...
Page 148 - ... &c. each in its proper column, the title being at the top or bottom, according as the degrees are. But when the given arc contains any parts of a minute, intermediate to those found in the table, take the difference between the tabular sines, &c.
Page 58 - Kepler's work, however, it may not be improper in this place to take notice of an...

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