Heliocentric Astrology: Or, Essentials of Astronomy and Solar Mentality, with Tables of Ephemeris to 1910

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D. MacKay, 1899 - Astrology - 258 pages

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One of the most inaccurate astrological books I've ever read!
Some of the planet's were given to different signs (Mars is given to Sagittarius instead of Aries, etc.). And some of the signs
' traits were switched around. For example, Leo the LION is said to be of mostly religious inclination instead of aggressive dominance and defence although it is usually Sagittarius that has a more religious or philosophical mind and Leo that tends to be aggressive and dynamic.
Leo is a LION. Of course Mars will do well in the sign and of course it has aggressive and combative tendencies! And yet this book tried to deny this. In fact, Leo was the ONLY sign in ancient astrology that was considered to be fiercer than Sagittarius who was only half "feral," while Leo was both fully "feral" and "bestial."
I know that Heliocentric Astrology is probably different from the mainstream type, but the signs' symbols and meanings remain the same, and the author didn't seem to know them well enough.
I'm sure there are many other more accurate books of astrology than this one.

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Page 76 - Leo nature with 3) in Taurus is always inclined to influence the world in the direction of moral and social methods, and usually adapts one of the learned, often the scientific, professions — taking as a life-work their place among biologists, naturalists or physicians. In oratory there is often expressive power, and elegance in sentiment and movement ; at times there is a wide range of imaginative power, but usually of an egotistic quality — maintaining self as the center of all plans of activity.
Page 178 - Earth's taken as 1, is about 1,245,000 ; his mass about 315,000. THE MOON. The Moon's mean distance from the Earth is 239,000 miles. The diameter of the Moon is 2,160 miles; her density, as compared with water, is 3.5. The time of revolution around the earth is 27.322 days. Daily geocentric motion 13 10
Page 198 - May. June. July. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. I.. . 2.. . 3.. . 4.. . 5.. . 6.. . 7.. . 8.. . 9.. 10.. . 11.. . 12.. . 13.. . 14.. . 15.. . 16.. . 17.. . 18.. . 19.. . 20.. . 21.. . 22.. . 23.. . 24.. . 25..
Page 79 - D in Sagittarius, the sign region of Wealth, is one that inclines Leo to guard its interest in matters of wealth and enterprise. Leo, thus, an influence noncombative, is more aggressive, more scheming and economical ; in many instances severe. There is added imaginative power, and under extreme anger a tendency toward irrational action. The mentality is quite hasty in judgment, synthetic in reasoning — judges by masses rather than by detail — and requires more careful training than is usual to...
Page 125 - ... light on the dark ways of the future, who by knowledge and goodness brought peace and plenty, joy and freedom, quickened life ; and determined in many ways the nature of many living things. The myth of Apollo was of purely Greek origin, and he was the personification of many ideals, of many objects. The god of youth and beauty, of earthly blessings, of the herds of the field, of medicine, music, and of oracles which reveal the secrets of the future. He had eternal youth, great strength and loved...
Page 49 - Letters ; Blue ; Relating. This nature is distinguished by great retentiveness ; it has a wide grasp of the course of events, remembers personalities with remarkable ease, has generally a proportionately large amount of literary ability, and, perhaps more than anything else, is noted for its capacity to disseminate knowledge of a general and useful kind. The Aries nature is the kind that makes the proficient teacher, particularly of languages, music, and of history. It generally has a good voice,...
Page 56 - Q in Taurus nativities are noted for their exactness and their persistence in a mental struggle. But this nature often needs assistance. It is seldom capable of great financial plans, and, as it responds most easily to Scorpio, is almost always more generous with its mental and physical labors than it is able in demanding remuneration for its accomplishments. A great range of natural sciences are within the sphere of this nature's activity, the choice depending much upon the endowment of the parental...
Page iii - OF BIRTH. This system is a key to the intellectual, social and industrial course of personal destiny ; to the harmonies of thought, marriage and home life. It also contains the Harmonies, Chords and Contrasts of the Vital forces of the Solar System, the essentials of Astronomy, and those elements of Mythology that relate to the Astrological Arts.
Page 73 - The Cancer mentality receives from this regional influence much of the patriotism of home life, love of social surroundings, and of kindred. It draws Cancer out of its narrowed limits and widens the view of personal life and destiny, giving broader relationships and interests, and thus makes of surroundings a more harmonious whole. In expression this nature is often direct, very frank, and calls attention to the vital element of support or of opposition.
Page 113 - This endowment gives grace, ease, and tenderness. There is a volume of genial imagination, with a disposition to over-laudation in praise of friends, and in attention to children. The mentality has much of the mimetic capacity, and, with large amiability, finds pleasure in the theatrical profession. When 9 is found in Aries, there is generally vocal power, and musical capacity. With $ in Capricorn, the tendency is toward employment where the " Light fantastic toe ' ' has a plea for activity. In home...

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