An Average American Army Officer: An Autobiography

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Buck-Molina Company, printers, 1914 - Soldiers - 166 pages
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Describes personal experiences from West Point Academy, Pacific islands, the Spanish War, Cuba, and southwestern United States.

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Page 153 - ... Catastrophe.) (Top, Topsy.) [Inclusion by sound is not punning.] SIMPLE INCLUSION embraces cases not found in either of the foregoing classes, but where there is something in common between the pairs, as (Church, Temple.) (Pocket, Black Hole.) II. EXCLUSION means Antithesis. One word excludes the other, or both words relate to one and the same thing, but occupy opposite positions in regard to it, as (Riches, Poverty.) (Hot, Cold.) (Old, Young.) (Damp, Dry.) (Life, Death.) (Love, Hate.) (Joy,...
Page 21 - ANCESTOR'S SERVICES My ancestor's services in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows: Allegiance - Verified by NSDAR National The said . Abel is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of .Patriot...
Page 152 - Laws — is to be able to clearly understand the examples under each Law, and whether they verify or illustrate that Law. I. INCLUSION indicates that there is an overlapping of meaning between two words, or that there is a prominent idea or sound that belongs to both alike...
Page 153 - Lesson, demonstrated -what had never been suspected by any one before, — that all memories — the strongest as well as the weakest — are PRODIGIOUSLY STRENGTHENED in both Stages by learning and reciting forwards and backwards, or, what is better still, by making and repeating from memory both ways a series of from 100 to 500 words arranged in conformity to the three Laws given below, which Laws were revealed to me, on their Physiological, or only true side, by my Discovery.
Page 71 - Situated at the junction of the Big Horn and Little Big Horn Rivers, about fifty miles from the Yellowstone.
Page 60 - ... some hitherto unexperienced felicity. That, at heart, was what sustained them under the burdens and heats of a pioneering civilization, through those years when they dispensed with such ingredients of happiness as musical comedy and moving pictures, and when the most notable piece of imagist verse was Franklin's proverb, "It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright" — a one-line poem of humor, morality, insight, and imagination all compact.
Page 99 - ... they went south-west to the Spice Islands and so south to the rarely visited Southland, now becoming known as New Holland. In January 1688 Dampier reached what are now called Cygnet Bay and Buccaneer Archipelago (near King Sound) in the Kimberleys (Fig. 8). Here they stayed for more than three months in the hottest part of the year in one of the hottest regions in the world. When they reached Indian waters Dampier fled from the pirates and wandered through Sumatra, Tonquin and India and finally...
Page 153 - His discovery showed that all memories are prodigiously strengthened by learning and reciting forwards and backwards, or what is better still, by making and repeating from memory both ways, a series from 100 to 500 words arranged in conformity to the three laws given above.

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